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hey everyone, just joined so i thought i'd say hello & introduce myself! My name is claire, been trying to lose weight for a while now but with the curse of shift work, a lack of motivation and general love for all things bad for me, i haven't done so well.

i'm thinking of doing the SW plan online but can already hear myself persuading the devil on my shoulder that one more syn wouldn't hurt, so with your support & encouragment i'm gonna see how it goes and hope to lose about 8 stone. eek, that seems alot - suppose typing that goal has been my first kick in the right direction - now for the action!

Wishing everyone (and myself) luck :)
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Hi Claire, and welcome to the forums. That's really great that you've decided to lose weight, there are alot of people here doing SW. There is a section in the forums dedicated to SW. So I'm sure you'll find plenty of people that will be able to help you out:)

Remember to keep small steps too keep yourself motivated. If you only look at the big picture of losing 8 stone, you might lose motivation. But if you set up small steps say, like for every 3 or 5 lbs, it'll feel much more encouraging :)
absolutely, that seems to be the way to do it. i am using the quiet moments in work this morning to write a list of smaller goals for along the way! this is it, im excited for the journey to begin :)
Good to hear that you're setting small goals along with the big one. Keep us up to date on your diet and progess :)
well, my profile is finally looking a little better and with 15lbs off so am i and so i think i'll start using this original post, and sorta start doing regular updates about feeelings, emotions, problems, losses, gains and all that comes with the weight loss journey!

In 13lb i'll be at club 10 and for now that is what i am focussing on (while wishing for a further stone before santa arrives, we shall see!)

I wish myself and everyone else luck!

Claire X
Congratulations on the weightloss! You're doing great!
:( have been having theee worst argument with my bf this weekend and it's really made me realise how much i used to use rubbish food as a comfort. ive allowed myself 3 mint humbugs whereas in the past i may have worked my way through 3 bags! lol it's sorta made me realise that i'm finally in the right frame of mind to lose the weight as i haven't given in to that nagging voice which when i think about how annoyed i am with him makes me think 'oh f*** it im gonna get a chinese or have a huge bar of chocolate!'

so i get home from work & he's had chinese for tea (perhaps he has the same nagging voice lol) and left me some salted chilli beef...my absolute favourite!! im sure it was a kind of apology rather than an attempt to sabotage my WI tomorrow. slap on the wrist time, i had two pieces. now to bed to see if i can get a cuddle :) g'night all!! X
not too bad at all, 3lb off this week again :) bit annoyed it wasnt 3.5 as that would have made it 1.5stone so far and another half stone award but alas, i shall keep going. in saying that, about an hour ago i was supposed to make my way to the gym but ive found myself messing about online & the time just slipping in! promise i will get there before 5pm...:8855:
You're doing really well Whatlieswithin. Congratulations on the weightloss! You did really well for being away from home, it's usually much much harder to stick to dieting when away.
CaliSweden said:
You're doing really well Whatlieswithin. Congratulations on the weightloss! You did really well for being away from home, it's usually much much harder to stick to dieting when away.
thanks, i know, i was dreading it but my mum is really proud of me so she was rushing around asking if everything was ok, if i had any milk allowance left, if i needed another apple etc haha she's so sweet!

just heading into town now to meet my sister for lunch, (eek!) but i am on top of the world because ive managed to squeeze myself comfortably into a size 18 pair of jeans (down from a size24 in two months) SO HAPPY!!!
Well done on the weight loss so far that is fab and I'm even more impressed that you managed to resist the Chinese and only have a couple of peices, sounds like you are in the right frame of mind. My other half comes home with chocolate alot lately and unfortunately I don't manage to resist. :-( need more willpower and for my fiancé to stop buying me chocolate! Haha.

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