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I have just found this website and it seems great for those who us who want to do SW at home.

I climbed back onto SW this Monday at 12st 5.5lbs. My weight sways dramatically so was probably 12st 10lbs the week before without having eaten anything very naughty.

My short term goal is to be 11st 12lbs by 3 September - a family party is taking place and I want to look trimmer than I do now. I haven't been that weight for 6 years and only then as a result of doing Atkins and eating industrial quantities of cream, cheese and mayo. Got so bored of it - and did worry about the impact on overall health.

I have done SW in the past and know it works. I don't know how much I want to lose as I am a great believer in the maxim of 'One gets to a certain stage in life when one chooses between one's bottom and one's face'. SO, I will lose weight until I get to the stage when I have that 'bottom vs face' moment and undoubtedly choose my face.

I tend to follow red days with the occasional green day.

I have a couple of questions. Can anyone help?

  • I saw a weblink for myfitnesspal. I had a quick look and it appears to be all about calories. Does it have a SW page? If not how do SW people use it? I know WW have an app for keeping track of food etc but Sw are still working on it I gather.
Someone mentioned a water challenge? Presumably that is to increase water consumption? How much are people aiming to drink?

I have been drinking lots of green tea this week as there are reports that it helps.... fingers crossed.

Oh, and confession of the day, I weigh myself at least twice a day. I am on leave this week and had weighed myself 5 times this morning by 10am :sigh: Yup - I know it is wrong but can't break the habit of a lifetime! :eek:
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Sorry I can't help with your question, but just wanted to add that I've got a date of 3rd September that I hope to have lost a few pounds by too!

It's my partner's friend's birthday and it's the first time that I would have met them, so I'm hoping to look at least a bit more svelte by then!

Good luck!

Natasha xx
I have just got back on the SW band wagon after having been on several others with poor results over the last 6 years.
I hope to loose 7lb by 6th Sept ready for going back to work (teacher).
I lost 1.5lb in my first week but hope to do better over the next few weeks.

I have just set my proper target of 9st but with no time frame. 2 1/2 stone to go!

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