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Hi everyone,

I have never posted here before... I hope this is an ok place to say hi!

I am giving a healthy eating plan a go. I have tried Atkins, Weight watchers, slimming world, calorie counting, and some others! Weight watchers worked for me at the time but then I became pregnant and since having my daughter I have struggled to do anything. I enjoy slimming world but cannot afford to pay for it. I have learned a lot from slimming world though so I may buy the magazines when I need motivation.

I work really really well if I plan every single thing I do and eat, I love knowing what I'll be doing before so I can get into the mood to do or eat it.
I of course ideally want to healthy eat and be active for life, for myself but most importantly for my children.
My 3 year old hardly eats anything unless it is junk and I really do not want my really good eating 10 month old to turn into another fussy eater like him. I am keeping my fingers crossed that changing the way we eat will help him to eat better too.

Anyway!!! I am going to plan every thing I eat and at what times, and plan exercise. Most probably will be the cross trainer and walking at first as they are easy to do with children (cross trainer is surrounded by their toys lol).
I think if I plan my food and do not obsess with calorie/point/syn counting then I will eventually not feel like I am on a diet and will naturally eat properly... I hope so! I don't want to think about what to eat, I want to just be able to know and be ok with eating it.

Hope I stick to this!!! I have fantastic support in the form of my partner who is the cook (he enjoys it so I let him do it lol) and he will cook how I would like it cooked. He has a belly on him that he doesn't like so will follow the eating and exercise plan too :)
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Hello. It sounds a good plan, I do the same and organise what exercise I'll do on which days what I'll eat, I think it's much better that way as you're more likely to stick to it! Good luck with it all :D


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Thank you :)
So far I have my food plan written down. Just need to do my exercise plan now.