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Hi all,

I've tried loads of diets before. The Kellogs diet worked really well, as did Clebrity Slim but I found I kept putting the weight back on (and more!) when I had given up. Trying Slim Fast now with a friend and determined that this time round it will be different. I'm really rubbish at calorie counting though - any tips?!

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Hi there, welcome to Minimins!

Good luck with your weight loss, you'll get plenty of hints and tips on here so stick around!


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Welcome :)


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Hi KTP and a warm welcome to you :welcome2: - I'm sure you will do well and you will find lots of inspiration and motivation here on minimins. x

I'm a noob too!

Not sure how I'll get on as SW doesn't seem to click and I lost interest in WW when it went to Pro-Points....Hopefully, a little forward planning, plenty veg and a little thought will help (as long as they're not my own) ;)

I'll be making plenty of soups and freezing them to take to work and having a small wholemeal roll....did you know that your body works harder when the soups are blended especially if you had extra water afterwards (also had a triangle of EL laughing cow to make it creamy). Also, I add a little bran to my soups and porridge for regularity lol....I know, TMI ;)

Anyway, good luck....I joined to get motivated and get tips, esp off my bezzie who's just emigrated ='( xxx