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hello !!!!

Hi Stu

Good to have you here.... as Bex has said are you on LL? Starting LL? Please do post and let us know how you're getting on - us girls love being totally envious of the losses that you men have :D
Hey! thanks a lot! to be honest ive been doing my own thing up until now and ive lost about a stone and a half so not 2 bad really. I went on slimming world for a bit but hated it! hows lighter life??
Lighter life is excellent - gives you magnificent weight losses (moreso for men) and as you just have packs it takes away the wanting more as there is only so much you can have. Also as your body goes into ketosis you don't feel hungry which is an added bonus.
a lot quicker and stricter than SW!
LighterLife :D
Completely different to slimming world - you have 4 packs a day made up of soups, shakes or bars and that's it --- apart from those all you can have is water (and more water) and black tea or coffee. Check out LighterLife - you'll be able to see if there are any counsellors in your area.
Hi Stu, adn welcome!! LL is an amazing diet, with the fastest results I could ever imagine. It's pretty hardcore - no conventional food at all untill you reach goal....but its such a high riding on the "Ketosis Highway" you don't really miss it, which I am still finding hard to believe, but it is true.

It's a short term sacrifice to receive amazing rewards. It's the best thing I have ever found, and the only diet where I KNOW, deeeep in my heart and soul, that I will reach goal. I am in it to win it and failure is not an option. It's a win win situation. Highly reccomend it! As you can see by everyone's tickers, the weight is just falling off. :)

Well done losing a stone and a half on your own - something I could never do!!

Enjoy the site!
:welcome:Well hello there, I too endorse LL. I done SW and liked it but the only thing was I was a compulsive/emotionally eater and their diet didnt help me with that.

With LL the weight comes off so quickly that it really spurs you on. But being honest I personally think it is really difficult for the first week or two for some, but with the support from of us on here you manage to get through it and when you are out the other side, as BL said, you are on a high. I also love that I am facing all my demons, without food as a sedative and feel that I am now, for once, really gonna reach the end of my journey.

If you get your head in the right place and go for LL I guarantee you will never regret it, and if on occasions you head goes a bit wonky, there is so much back up it is amazing.

I feel I have made more genuine friends in the last 14 weeks on this site as I have in my lifetime and I have a pretty long life.

Good luck Stuey in whatever you decide to do and well done for the weight already lost, thats great.
wow thats really great advice. Im deffinatly going to give lighter life a go! Does anyone know if theres one in cardiff?? I cant believe how supportive all of you are its amasing, no wonder ur all doing so well!! thanks guys !
If you look on the LL website they will able to tell you or you could phone them. Not sure if anyone on here is in Cardiff, Stuey you could be a first.;)

I used to breed Welsh Cobs. and luv em.:D
I feel I have made more genuine friends in the last 14 weeks on this site as I have in my lifetime and I have a pretty long life.


You just like us cause we calls you a Lady!!! hehehehehe

oooooh, feeling cheeky today - I am gonna get a slap!!!!:D
I am a Lady whaaaaats up.:whistle:

:whoopass:You cheeky thing, but I like it.:cool:
Erm excusemeplease LADIES!!!! Sure there's way too much frivolity going on here for a Tuesday and that's without mentioning the spanking before the watershed!!!!!

Shame on you............ now go stand in that corner for 5 minutes and drink 1/2 litre of water :drool:
Good girl - though I'm not sure I believe you :D

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