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    Hi everyone and happy Easter. I am lookin for some support as I go on yet another journey to once and all try to lose weight. I worked out I have been messing about for over 20 years! On different diets and still never got to goal!

    I hav decided enough time has been wasted and I really want to lose the 3 stone I need to once and for all. I am hoping to do this by calorie counting and losing fitness plan to record food and exercise. I am hoping I can get done support from some of the lovely people on this forum.:):)
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    Hi there
    Happy Easter! Don't get tempted by too many eggs :))
    Reading your story is a bit like reading mine. It's been about 20 years that I've been trying to get rid of the fat but looking back now compared to what I am now 20 years ago I wasn't that bad after all I don't think.
    3 stone is what I've put on in the last 3 years at least and definitely time to sort it out.
    My main down falls are take away and coke if I can cut them out I'm sure the weight would fall off naturally and with a few more small changes I may just shift the 'extra me'
    Good luck with your struggle I will be following you to see how you Get on.
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    Hey, Happy Easter!

    I'm in the same boat. My weight has been up and down all my life but I'm ready for change! We're meant to have a really hot summer this year so diet starts today!! I was going to start after Easter but I've wasted enough time already! Let's do this!
    I'll be following too! Good luck! :)

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