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I have been following WW for about 3 weeks but with little progress. I have recentily stopped doing vlcd having lost 6 stone but need to lose about 2 more. I have done SW before and loved it but was reluctant to do it again because i was unsure if i could cntrol myself with portion, however since doing WW i think this wouldf not be a problem anymore. So to cut a long story short i am starting SW tomorrow, i know the plan pretty well amd just wondered if anyone could help me with the a and b choices, would be great if somone could let me know a rough idea about the weights etc for the choice, i drink skimmed milk, and i know it used to be 6 laughing cows and things like that. Also is it true that you can now have 2 a and 2 b. Also are mullerlights still free and fruit.

The thing is i love to use the lifeline online and wondered if anyone who attended meetings would be able to give me the passwird each week. My email is [email protected].

As you have probably gathered i am going to do the plan at home and weigh in each monday, so if there is anyone out there that is following slimming world and would like to buddy up with advise etc that would be great.

Anyway thanx for reading such a long post and look forward to etting to know you all better.

Love Busy XX