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hello everyone my names Hollie (weim01), well iv got my 1st session tomorrow to register and get some more info on the CD, the only worry i have is keeping the weight off for good, i have tried SW and currently have lost a stone on WW, but its creeping back on!:cry:

iv got loads of questions do bear with me!
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Welcome to CD - you can do it, let us know how you get on after your session.


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hello Hollie,
Good luck with your first session.. and for the week ahead... I have only just starting posting on this site but its really fab and everyone is so supportive...


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Welcome Hollie - good luck with your 1st session - this is a great diet - so stick withit love Margie xxx


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Hi and good luck

No diet is guaranteed to keep the weight off forever but what CD does is help you get you your goal in less time, only you can maintain it at the end, but once you reach goal you wont want to go back to those old ways and certaily not put weight back on im sure you will do great


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hey holly nice to hear frm you good luck with cd it will be challenging for the first couple of days but then you should be fine ,loosing weight is not just for the moment its a whole life change with food so you should be ok you just hav to watch wot you eat keep me updated on your losses
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Hi Hollie, I started CD last Friday and had my first weigh in today (I know 2 days early, but this will be my regular day from now on) and I have lost 4lb which is more in 5 days than I lost in a week whilst on WW or Low Carb.... The good thing with this is diet is once you reach goal, your CDC will show you how to maintain it by introducing food back gradually, and the right kind of food at that. Good luck for tomorrow.


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st10lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.59%)
thanks for all the replies! well iv just got back and i cant wait, my CDC made me shake up for my dinner so i could try one and im pleased to say it was yum, which im really shocled about!!!!! lol i even smelt it 1st before i drank some lol.
so day 1 here i come i know its not going to be easy but my b day is coming up and i want to look great for it!!!


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Hi Hollie, good luck for your first week. Glad your first session with your CDC went well x


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Welcome and good luck :D


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welcome to CD hollie, i will not kid you first week is hard, by day three you will probably have headaches and feel like a bag of s**t, but drink plenty take tablets if you need them and if you are really struggling get yourself onto the forum we will keep you going, and dont worry about asking questions i am on week 4 due my WI tomorrow and hope to have hit the 1st stone gone, and i still am asking questions there is a lot of support and knowledge out there, so good luck


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st10lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.59%)
ahhh yes im not looking forward to day 3 or 4 but at least it will be over the weekend and i can relax a lot, when im at work thats a different matter!

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