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Hi just thought I would drop in and say hello. I joined the site yesterday having read many of your inspiring stories and am amazed of your support for each other. It's wonderful :).

I've been on Lipo since 6 Jan 09 (for the second time ) and have lost just under 4 stone. I'm due to refeed on 12 May as I go on a weeks hols on 23 May and thought it best to give myself a bit of time before the holiday to refeed properly. Don't intend to go mad eating/drinking on hols but would like to maintain.

I've been reading your refeed diaries for hours on end and they are full of great ideas, success stories. They have taken away some of the fear I was feeling about eating again.

Anyway looking forward to continuing to hear about all your successess and hopefully have a few of my own.

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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya moonlight! Welcome to the forum!

How have you found your journey on Lipotrim so far?


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Hi chellywelly

Thanks for replying.

Second time round, very very tough. Kept slogging through and while I would never say never again, I really want so hard to try and maintain whatever my weight will be on May 12. Last Tues I was 10.11 having lost only 1lb a week for the last three weeks. Hard to stay motivated but just got on with it and started to do a bit more walking to see if I could kickstart my metabolism. I'll see next Tues if it makes a difference.

You've have done brilliantly and I had a look at the wedding pictures you put up. Your're sister looked absolutly stunning.

I love all your questions about the porridge! Saves me asking them all instead!

Would it be ok for me to set up a refeed diary for myself also? I think it could really help. I was going to write it all down in a notebook but maybe on line where others could see it and give their comments would be better.


I will be skinny again!!!
ofcourse its ok to start a diary!

Its a great reference for yourself and for anyone just starting the refeed! because we all have different tastes and seeing what other people eat is great :)
Hey moonlight and welcome over 4 stones so far that's fantastic keep it up :)


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Welcome to minimins and well done on your fab loss :)


Here we go again!
Hi Moonlight and welcome. Why haven't you been on here before to share your journey with us? Congrats on the 4 stone, you've done brilliantly! Hope you have a great holiday!


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your losses so far, they are outstanding. Good luck for refeed hun and dont be afraid to ask any questions.


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Hi moonlight.

Good luck with your refeed and enjoy your hols. Its never too late to join us. You will become an inspiration to others after losing 4st already. Way to go!!!!
Welcome and well done on your great loss so far.



maintaining since June'09
Well done on your fantastic loss! Shame you didn't come and 'talk' to us earlier but still - you're here now ...

Where are you going on holiday? x
Hi all, thanks for the welcome, you're a lovely friendly bunch.

Bank holiday here today so took off for the day yesterday so as not to waste the weekend and have just come back on line. Being a bit lazy and self indulgent lying here in bed with my cup of black coffee and laptop on my knee. The laptop beats the 10 biscuits that would normally accompany the coffee!!

I haven't been on here before because I didn't know it existed. What a find, its great. I did log on to a liptrim users forum to see what was going on and it was good for those who needed help at the start but seemed to die off at refeed whereas this forum has huge info on the refeed which is fantastic and just so encouraging to see so many of you maintaining.

Heading off to Tenerife for a week, looking forward to it. Funny thing is, I'm looking forward to the rest and relaxation. For the first time food and meals out isn't my motivator! Yahoo. Long may it last.

As I said before though, I am far from over confident as I have been here before. First time I did Lipo I started at 15.6 and went to 11.4. Managed to creep back up to 13.7 over 2 years and then my Dad passed away in Sept 08. Loved him to bits. That was it, head in fridge, biscuit barrel, freezer, meals out, etc. So bad, that if any of you had stood in front of me, I probably would have eaten you too!!

Ended up at 14.8 after Christmas doing no good to anyone or myself. So Lipo came back into the scene (thank god for it) and here I am again back to 10.11 and I plan to stay here if I can!

Refeed starts 12 May and that is where I'm hoping you guys will come in. Feel free to give me a kick in the right direction as and when I need it.

Thanks for all your encouraging replies.

Bank hol here today, so took off for the day yesterday so as not to waste the weekend and am just back on line.

I haven't been here before as I didn't know the site existed but I am so glad I found it. I did find one other forum that helped new starts but fell off at refeed whereas this is a fantastic resource the whole way through the journey and beyond.

I first started lipo at a weight of 15.10 and went to 11.4. Crept back up to 13.7 over 2 years (in denial that it was going up) and then my Dad passed away. I loved him to bits and that was the start of the spiral. Ate for Ireland, head in fridge, biscuit tin, freezer, meals out and if any of you had stood in front of me, I may very well have eaten you too:(. Found myself at 14.8 after Christmas and could not face eating another thing.

Back to Lipo in Jan 09. Found it very hard second time around as the reward of weight loss did not have the same impact as before. It wasn't until I began to go under my original weight of 11.4 that I felt the benefit outweighed the cost.

I absolutely admit, I am "afraid" of putting on the weight again and that is why your refeed diaries have given me such hope.

Do you allow yourselves a few lbs leeway for weight gain/loss? What are your triggers that your weight may be getting out of hand again?

Hi Moonlight, I have to say I would have never actually done LT if I hadn't read the threads on this forum beforehand. My work colleague was doing it and I was aghast that she could possibly NOT eat food and was 100% sure it was 1) unsafe and 2) impossible to keep up...and after her first WI and she has lost 10 lbs.........and then I just had to........well see for yourself!!!

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