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One last chance
Aww bless, hello and welcome. Be sure to log in and let us know how you're getting on. There are so many supportive people on here and will defintely keep you motivated.

How are you finding it so far hunny?


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A very big welcome to you, glad you are excited, you will get used to it and the copious amounts of water, i hope!!! good luck
:thankyou:Thanks for the encouragement. Just had the first one mixed it with ice and water, not bad really was quite surprised. I had this idea it would be disgusting. I dont know where that came from. Anyway I've started thats the important thing now to keep it up.


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Well done on taking the first steps to a new you. Stick with it, the first few days will be the hardest, but it does get easier.

If you find yourself getting really hungry, try splitting your shakes into two for the first week or so, having 6 smaller shakes can help curb the hunger.

Good luck.


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Hi Kelly and welcome to the wonderful world of LT :)

Like you, I was surprised at how palatable /I found the shakes when i first started!!

Keep up with the 2+ litres of water every day, but keep it going throughout rather than gulping down loads at once.

ANd come back to this place any time - it's wonderful and there are so many inspirational losers here you'll always find plenty to read and chat about :)

good luck with week 1, just stick to it and you WILL lose :)


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Hi Kelly!! Welcome to the diet! Hope your getting on ok today :p like everyone has said its a brilliant diet, you'll do amazingly if you give it your all! And no matter what time of the day or night, if you need it..the forum is here. Works wonders hehe xx


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Hi kelly welcome to LT. This is a fab diet and a fab forum. Logging on here is the best thing to do. You get lots of ideas there is always someone here to support you. Good luck for your 1st weigh in. xx:)
My first weigh in oooo there's a thought now I'm excited for that. Thanks so much to everyone for the kind words of support I hope I will be able to return the favour one day :thankyou::thankyou:


on the up lol
heya and good luck ;)


Here we go again!
Hi Kelly and welcome!

How goes your first day then? Just get through the first week and it gets so much easier. That first weigh in will really spur you on for week 2 and the results on this are so great, every weigh in keeps you going!

Keep sipping plenty of water and keep yourself busy especially this first week. Good luck, not that you'll need it!


Getting thinner everyday!
:thankyou:Thanks for the encouragement. Just had the first one mixed it with ice and water, not bad really was quite surprised. I had this idea it would be disgusting. I dont know where that came from.
I was the same. V. surprised how pallatable the shakes were when I had my first one.

Welcome to you.

Keeping up with the water had 2 shakes I'm only hungry not starving but i think thats more to do with I think I should be eating. I've decided its the having something sweet all the time that I could find hard. Maybe I'll have to try a chicken soup next week are they really as bad as I've read.
Good luck stay focused, try and keep yourself occupied and if you get an urge distract yourself! I look forward to seeing your first weigh in.
Hi Kelly
Welcome aboard the weight loss flight. The shakes are fine with ice and cold water especially if you have a blender. You can also add a sweetner (tablet form) and they are just like a regular milkshake. I am now hooked on the chocolate one hot with a couple of sweetners.

The soup is a matter of taste I personally prefer not to have them, however when I did LT in the winter I had one a day because I was so cold.

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