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hello :)


nearly there!! :)
hey everyone..:)

ive been kinda in lurk mode for a while nothing up just felt i needed "me" time!!

thinks are still going good...i still have the extra 4 lbs i put on couple of months ago...and havent really been willing or ready ta deal with them...

but im back :p!!

today i was on monitor day...basically not "diet" just write down 100% what i ate!!

and i can understand that i have let litle habits slip back in..

namely for one NOT thinking bout what im eating...and just eating it!!
so time to basically cop on!!

no point in me sayin i want to do this in a week...basically im taking it one day a time!!

so my 3 aims tomorrow are
1) get my water back up to 2 litres...its on between 1 and 1and half for the last while

2) eat at least 3 portions of fruit!! again im on bout 2-3 a day but really want to make more of an effort!!

3) do at least 1 hr walk and 200 boxes and situps!!

and the big thing is to track EVERYTHING BEFORE i eat it!!

no point in going down the bad eating road again :)
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nearly there!! :)
and were off!!

ok so day one of being good and im off to a good start...

have had my brekkie, on my first 750ml of water, and am bout to do my first set of 50 boxes and 50 situp!!

only me and the bab home today, so gonna bring him town and pay bills etc!!

oh i died my hair dark brown last night...soooo cant decide if i like it ha!! now saying that the bab said first thing this morning.."i like ur hair black mammy" but dunno if i trust a 4yr old judgement ha!!

oh and i weighed my self this morning so i no exactly where i am and where i wanna be!!:p and thank god wasnt worse than i expected ha!! so although i am up a couple of lbs i have managed ta maintain at this since feb!! so all in all thats not bad!!

oh and i wont be able to update from friday nite because im up in MIL but will still be tracking...really feel ready ta tackle these couple of lbs!!

onwards and downwards!! :D


nearly there!! :)

goals achieved:

1) water intake; 2.75litre!! :)
2) 3 portions of fruit...although would have taken more to day but think i was just trying ta find summat else to eat and not cause i was hungry!!
3) 2.5hrs walk done today...so far 100 boxes and situps!! heading to do the rest now :)

i have tracked everything and am VERY happy with my cals intake to day!!

1) concentrate on making better food choices
2) going for a hour walk with the dog
3) not eat after 7.30!!


nearly there!! :)
ok i no im couple of days late in getting back ere but thins still going good!!

on 2 litres of water a day, cals are back down to "normal", walkin most days (was a 3and half hr walk to day cause had stuff to do in town!!) def on the way for a loss thins week!! so another 2 days before weigh in so hopin ta shifyt another piece!!
also fruit is on 4 portions now so really happy with that!!

it was my birthday on sunday (im a big 20 now :)) so did have a couple of drinks but not bothered by these think they have been dealt with!!

babs in school tomorro so hopin to get in another walk while hes there!!

all in all its been a good week :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done hun , you really seem to have a good grip on things xx


nearly there!! :)
thanks hunni i really feel like im getting places this week!!

loving the hole buzz from doing it 100% again!!

oh waiting on my llc to get back to me about doing a success story...not sure if its allowed cause i only did 7weeks of rtm but well c!! :)

wi in the morning...and im hoping to have lost at least sumat ha!!


nearly there!! :)
Well done for sorting it out before it got any worse! Why did you only do 7 weeks of rtm?
my OH lost his job before x mass and cuz im only a student we were surviving on my scholarship a month which isnt much. so really couldnt continue buying food packs....spec as were in enough debt as it is without adding to it!!

feeling brill today love knowing that even though i put on couple of lbs few months back i held at that weight meaning im learning to maintain!! :D never thought id be able to say that.
have sugar free jelly in the fridge and my bellys bit hungry so going to have some before i go sleep just that im not going on an empty stomach!!

heres to a nice wi in the morn!!


nearly there!! :)
sorry for the delay in update been a nice relaxing weekend for me :)

ok so i lost 3.3lbs last week which i was really happy with!! been another good week this week so hoping for another loss on thurs :)

results from college out on thurs so gettn really nervous...and cause im an emotional eater im finding it harder this week....but im keeping a check on everything and although its not coming easy this week its still going ok!!

had a fab day on sun with my oh and the bab....oh has been working away since the mon before so only seen him for sun and sun nite....was bit teary sat nite over it but once he was home it was all ok again. its mad with him over 4and half years and still get upset when hes way for couple of days ha!!
so wont see him again til sun or that but its first piece of work hes had since fec we really cannot complain!!



nearly there!! :)
ok so weigh in no 2 this week and down another 1.5lbs :)
very happy cause thats 4.8lbs for me in 2 weeks!! :)

have decided id like to keep lossing another bit though so more healthy eating this week!!

got my results back today....passed everything so very happy...means no repeats, and i should be getting to offers one from the college im in and one from a college 2 hrs way...so kinda need ta decide which one im gonna choose ta go ta!!
Congrats Catz

Well done on the results and the losses. Sounds as though youare really doing great at the moment, and glad your hubby has some work too. xxxx

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