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Well here is my first post! :sign0144:
I am seeing my Cambridge counsellor this afternoon, after being inspired by all the CDieters on this forum.
I am horribly nervous but so desperate to do this.
What are the negative side effects of this diet? I have heard all sorts of stories about hair loss, inability to control bowels etc. What 'symptoms' have you experienced? I feel like the more I know, the more in control I will be.
Hope to get to know you all more and here is to the new skinny us!
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Leanne,
Just wanted to say welcome and wish you luck on your cambridge journey.. Dont be nervous hon, its exciting as you have made your first steps to being slim......
Everyone is different for me on my third day I felt a little dizzy and I drank lots of water took some neurofen had a lovely bubble bath and an early night and felt much better in the morning..
The cambridge diet is a fantastic diet and you see a difference so quickly in yourself..
I have been doing it now for 16 weeks and I can honestly say I truly love it...... It has changed my life so much..
Good luck for your appointment this afternoon and let us know how you get on x

Big H

Silver Member

I haven't ever had any negative side effects (apart from occasional odd bowel movements :D) In fact I have never felt healthier or more vibrant than I do when I am on CD

Get through day 3 and you'll crack it!!

Good luck to you
Thanks CurlyWurly1234.
I tried CD once before and didnt last a full day! I felt so ill. However, I have been reading lots of posts and have seen that if you can get through the first few days, it seems to get better. (I hope :innocent0001:)
I have seen a few of your posts and your story is so inspiring - well done you!
Thanks Big H. Its hearing about feeling healthier and energetic that really makes me want to do this! I cant wait!

Big H

Silver Member
Thanks Big H. Its hearing about feeling healthier and energetic that really makes me want to do this! I cant wait!
After a couple of weeks you will feel like you can conquer the world - trust me x


Full Member
Hi Leane
Im on day 2, and so far going great, i did feel a bit bloated yesterday with all the water i had to drink, but today i am drinking more cause of a really dry mouth, and they say "the more water, the better weight loss" so i guess the dry mouth is a good thing lol, i didnt really get any hunger pains yesterday,but the times i did think of food, i just drank more water, and told myself i didnt need it, as smaller clothes is better then a bigger belly :)

Good luck with your weight loss journey


Cambridge Consultant
You are so right, once you are through the first few days you are so on your way.. Stick with it hon it really is so worth it.. I promise you it really does get easier.. and if you really want it you can do it...
I have been doing it 16 weeks now and have lost 4 stone I have gone from a size 18 to a 10/12...
Good luck and keep coming on the forum and it really has helped me on my journey x


is gonna do it!!

I haven't had any negative side affects as yet, but do tend to get a little blocked, if you know what I mean!!
Its' my fault tho as I hate drinking all the water. But now Im managing to drink the reccommended ammount, hopefully ill be ok. Its so worth it!!
Let us know how you get on xx
good luck
Hi, keep going with it....I am starting my fourth week and feel lots of energy.....very positive......the quick results are such a buzz!!! I get dry mouth (use mouth spray) a little errr blocked (Dulcolax) and sleep a bit disturbed for the first few days. I would say the positive far out weighs any negative of this diet.....Oh and my fingernails are stronger and longer than they have ever been!! If you start to feel iffy just log on here and read lots of posts!!
Thanks for that. I was worried - you hear so many horror stories about side effects, dont you? My CDC put my mind at ease too so really feeling positive now. Half way through day 1 and feeling ok. Slightly weird sensation having a tummy full of liquid but nothing terrible. Bring on day 2.......
Welcome to CD,
Hey hun everyone is different, my side effects were only temporary. headaches, weakness mostly but it soon passes and I must say I have never felt so good, really!! Im going into week 12. Cd is a great diet with lots of variety. You will be fine and keep coming on here to gather more info and get super support. good luck:D

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