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hello... :(


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey everyone,

Sorry I havent been online or posting..

Hope I havent missed to much and that everyone is ok!!

Well, I never did get back into the swing of things... And cant stop eating!!!

I weighed myself today and im 12stone and a 1/2

So thats lik 12lbs gain... :(

Going to aerobics tomorrow night and trying to do more exercise, Got a Wii fit although ive only used it once...

Really really going to try and be good this week and if it doesnt happen im gonna try and get back onto Lipotrim...

Added some pictures of me at my birthday last weekend too...
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maintaining since June'09
Hi Chelly!

Long time no post ;)

But that was your target weight wasn't it? You were waaaaay under weren't you? As long as you nip it in the bud now I'm sure you'll be fine xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah it was my target...

But I was happy at the weight I reached... And to be honest I feel as fat as when I first started... and feel like im about 6 months pregnant...

Some one even commented today that I was starting to put the weight back on :(

And I want to keep it off to prove all the people wrong that said all the weight would pile back on after the diet...

Well yes it is... But its my own fault and not the diets... :(


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ah chells welcome back!! :D

Aslong as you nip it in the bud now before it gets too out of hand i am sure you will be fine! Comeon you did a tfr diet and that shows you have the willpower - just the maintaining to crack now honey :)

p.s. looking fab in your pics :D x


I will be skinny again!!!
It was sooo much easier on LT lol!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
lol i bet! i dont want to finish partly because i dont want the hassle of thinking about meals and cooking for myself! :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
Definitely the hardest & scariest bit - eating again! Give me TFR any day! Lol x


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Hi Chel, good to see you hun! Best of luck, join us all we can help each other out! xxx
Hi and welcome back on lol
Hi Chelly. You are not the only one pet. I have found it hard too since coming off TFR but at least by coming on hereand talking about it i find it helps. I have realised that I have to make a lifestyle change if I want to maintain and that for me(not for everyone) is avoiding sugar. you have to find out what,who, where triggers you to be bold and try to work out a way around it. I am going to weigh in every saturday morning and post on here how it goes to keep me focussed. Want to join me. ?


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah I will, But i still need to buy my own set of scales lol...

Im just greedy...

For instance last night... I had a sunday dinner at my grandparents at around 4... came home at about 8.00pm and ate a whole pizza to myself :(

I wasnt hungry at all... yet still managed to gobble the lot!!!!

Im thinking that the pharmasist probably wont let me go back on though so i need to wise up...


Here we go again!
Great to see you back Chels! You still look amazing in your new pics to me! If you can do the TFR I'm sure you can crack this maintaining. It's moderation, surely, easily said than done but that's what I've got to tell myself when I'm eating normally again.

Good luck, know you can do it and have every faith in you!
Hi Chelly. It is a similar scenario for me too at the moment. I am down to my target weight and being generally good but on Friday I just blew out. I started with a prawn salad (no dressing) but thought I would have a treat ...a slice of carrot cake and a glass of wine to watch the big brother eviction. Well, two hours later I had finished the entire bottle of wine and had a choc muffin left over from the children's tea plus a banana plus a slice of malt loaf plus a glass of milk on the way to bed. I know compared to some binging this is not that bad but it was the first sign of loss of control .... I was really cross with myself on Sat morning and switched back to TRF (I had a few sachets left) but by Sun night I realised that this cannot go on. I just need allow myself some treats and not beat myself up or the binges will get bigger !!!



I will be skinny again!!!
Yep Dia, its very hard...

But the thing is... I dont even feel guilty about eating bad things anymore... Its back to that attitude... oh Ill be good again on a monday.. and it doesnt happen...

Clearly Im just a big fat greedy big and i need my jaw wired shut lol!!!
The way I see it is that we are subconsciously testing ourselves. I gained 5 pounds on a three week holiday...I should have been pleased it was only that but I beat myself up about it and then starting to munch BECAUSE I felt bad. It really is easier to just give self good talking to and gain control...if TRF is out of the question then just use the maintenance or soup/refeed plan for a couple of days to refocus.

This is the only negative of Lipotrim, I believe. That when you have refeed the brain will go into feast mode to cover the starvation but we do have a choice (I know it doesn't feel that way though, Chelly. It is like we are compelled to eat, eat, eat)



I will be skinny again!!!
I know exactly what you mean!

I did so well until I had a break from it for liverpool and then just stopped caring!! I really do need to get more organised with it all


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Welcome back :)
You're looking fab in those new pics so don't be too hard on yourself chick. x


I will be skinny again!!!
Thansk DD!

So how are you getting on? xxx


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A bit up and down - went away to the lake district for a week and haven't been able to get properly back on track since then. Need to get strict again though cos I've just booked my holiday for August...nine weeks until the bikini rears its ugly head!!!


serial poster
Need to get strict again though cos I've just booked my holiday for August...nine weeks until the bikini rears its ugly head!!!

that sounds like one scary bikini! lol

h xx

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