Is there any one out there?? I know there must be because I read and send replies to their posts. Just feeling a an ickle bit lonely.:confused:
Hello Everyone, Nice to hear from you, how u doing Pam? How was u'r first week? Struggling along here, trying hard - very trying some would say! - but finding it hard. Lost it yesterday, trying to find it again today!! Been trying to sort out my nice glittery signature but keep getting 'invalid signature' up where the signature should be??
Hi Anne-marie, hope you are doing ok today. Ask Pierce about the invalid signature, he will help you out.
I have had no problems at all the first week, apart from constant loo visits which have got me down a bit. Also have been a bit cold which is normal. I love the chicken soup flavour in a mug, it's really yummy! I am getting weighed Friday at the Hospital Diabetic Clinic by my Dietician. My blood sugars have been brilliant. I so wish I had heard of Lipotrim years ago! Going to have to make up for lost time once I am slim. Try to get back on track - I am terrified of falling off the wagon so I am going to try my hardest. Apparently it's so hard to get back on after. Post back on here to tell us how your first day or two went. All the best,
Pam xx