Help 7 days in - lost nothing!

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by Low tolerance, 5 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Low tolerance

    Low tolerance New Member

    I have been on Slim and Save (just 4 packs) for a week and lost nothing. Some years ago with Lighterlife I lost 11 in the first week.

    I have not cheated and just had black tea/coffee and water. I feel thinner but nothing has moved on the scales.

    I am on various pills for high blood pressure and take Provera (a progestin) as perimenopausal. Could those be having an effect?

    I don't know what to do. I think I am in ketosis as have had energy the last couple of days after feeling awful for 5.
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  3. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hi there. That must be so frustrating for you!

    My first question would be how good are your scales? Get on and off 3 times, if the numbers are different, get better ones or weigh at Boots if you can.

    Also get out the old tape-measure. I'm quite sure you must have lost, sticking to such a strict regime. Weigh and measure.

    Was everything the same at both weigh ins? Same time, same clothes, same location? Any hormonal influences?

    I can't advise as to your medication, sorry! But my instinct is that you would be losing.

    Hope you can figure it out, don't give up! Good luck!
  4. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    isnt that wierd. i cant see how you couldnt not lose really. your taking in so few calories a day. perhaps it is the medication.

    i hope you are still persevering with it :)

    h x

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