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Help!! Advice needed!!

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Hey all!

I really need your advice ive got my best friends wedding party on Saturday night!
I have been on cambridge for 5 weeks nw and i am well into ketosis now!
On saturday i plan to eat protein through day and then have a few drinks!
I wont be going mad with the drink but i would like to have a few!
I dont mind the feeling ill but i dont want to come out of ketosis!
Does alcohol have a high carb content?
Also what is the best thing to drink to avoid overdoing it on the carbs?!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am starting to fret about this!!

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Hey Lou, I'm not totally sure but I'd say stay away from alco-pops, they have alot of sugar and be careful what your mixing your drink with aswell. I think clear spirits like vodka might be ok but try and find a CDC on here to ask to make sure.
alcohol has sugar content ... although i did read somewhere vodka was ok with coke zero. however i had a few too many last week and had the worst hangover ever. i couldnt stand up for 24 hours..... had to lie down all day never been like that before.
some one else im sure will be along shortly with good sound advice


Loooooves MiniMins
S: 14st2lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 0st9.5lb(4.8%)
hey Sue hows you today?
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Was tempted to have a drink this evening myself, so I looked up alcohol and ketosis. This is what I found. Basically bad news, so I am not going to do it!!:sigh:

Pure alcohol itself has no carbohydrates and no glucose is produced when alcohol is broken down by the body, so ketosis (fat burning) is not affected. However, the body will not burn fat whilst there is alcohol in the system. Any fat eaten while there in alcohol in your system will be stored as body fat. Alcohol stays in the body for several hours after it has been consumed so the fat burning process will be suspended during that time.

Drinking can also weaken your willpower and lead to bingeing on high carb foods, which will halt ketosis. Once you are out of ketosis it can take the body up to three days to get back in.

There is also a serious side to not drinking whilst the body is in ketosis. Alcohol may make one drink affect you like two or three drinks. This is particularly important for people who might be driving or are already sensitive to alcohol.

Drinking whilst in ketosis can also cause terrible hangovers. Abstaining from drinking is the best option for more consistent weight loss. If avoiding alcohol is impossible, moderation is the key.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hmmm...so really:

drinking = kebab binge!!!

Best not!


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The problem with alcohol is that it goes straight into the blood stream and your body will use it as easy energy.

You will also get very drunk very fast - much faster than normal.

Also, alcohol lowers your resistance to temptation - food/sex/anything! So you might be tempted to eat more because of it.

Enjoy the day!! I am going to a Wedding on Saturday too!

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