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I don't like starting threads on stupid subjects so sorry if this is one..

Now..im near the end of my third week, and was only planning to stay on LT for one month.
Im no where near what i want to be weight wise, but on my fifth week (if i stayed on Lt) im going away for a few days with a group of lads,
and was thinking that week doing a refeed that week.
The hassle of bringing LT/shake bottle, finding water, isn't worth it.

1. should i just stay on LT
2. Do a refeed for one week and go back on LT the following week

I so don't know what to do...i wish now i wasn't going away so i could just keep focus on my weight loss

Thank you in advance for your ideas and comments Luv ya all...xxoo
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Says it as it is!!!
You know its harder to get back on LT 2nd time round... its your choice..but if you are going to eat you need to refeed the week before then have your time away then back on the shakes when you get back
if you are staying on LT you MUST NOT DRINK!!!!
Choice is yours!!!
Whats more important, being slimmer or drinking?
On refeed you are still going to need your shakes so if i was you i would just stay on the full replacement, you cant drink anyway on refeed so probably would be easier for you in the long run to keep on as you are!!


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Nicky honey i don't drink, i asked my chemist about refeed and she said, on that week you don't do any shakes... but some people i've been talking too say you have one a day..????
stick with it Phillip...it can be hard to get re-started.....

Debz xx


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If you can stick to it ..... then do! You will be much happier if you do! Would you miss alcohol? Maybe it wouldn't bother you. I was amazed at how quickly I got used to not drinking when out! Refeed is tricky if you are on the run.


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Sorry I am behind! If you don't drink the STICK TO IT!!!!! My refeed week happened the week I had to go to Ethiopia. I was fine at home for the first 4 days and then travelling (airplanes) it was impossible. I didn't do it right and was so frustrated with it!
No contest - if you don't drink anyway, you've got a BIG plus on your side - what's the point in coming off!
You can do it! Good luck x


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Hi Phillip, not a silly question at all.
Your chemist is wrong, you do have shakes on re-feed. Have a look at the top of the Minimins page, just after you log on. There's a whole lot about re-feed there.
I'd agree that if you're not planning to drink alcohol, best just to stay on LT.
I'm going on a two week hol in Sept. so will re-feed the week before, so I can have a few drinks :party0051:and enjoy some low fat-low carb Spanish food. (then back on LT when home)
Enjoy your time with the boys. :)
If you do decide to refeed - why do it for a week when you are only going for a couple of days away anyway -I would keep to shakes until day you go and then just eat healthy whilst away. If you get the poos then great !!!! and if you don't drink whats the probs - get straight back on after your trip ???


Says it as it is!!!
Nicky honey i don't drink, i asked my chemist about refeed and she said, on that week you don't do any shakes... but some people i've been talking too say you have one a day..????
Refeed week,you have 2 shakes day 1 and a meal 1 shake day 2 and a meal etc etc xxx she is wrong!!! have a look at the thread on top of the forum re refeed heres the OFFICAL INFO
DAY 1.

Have 2 Lipotrim servings and one meal, as follows (men continue to have 2 servings, as before, while women take 1 less serving of Lipotrim).

at lunchtime or evening meal time you may have some skinless, boneless chicken breast or white fish fillet, or some skinless turkey (about 4-6ozs.) The fish or chicken may be steamed, microwaved, baked or cooked with a little water in a non-stick pan. Season with salt and pepper. Or you may have tuna fish in water or brine (drained). Vegetarians may use tofu or quorn.

You may also have either a moderate serving of salad (small breakfast bowl) from any of the following: lettuce, cucumber cress and watercress, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, beansprouts, celery dressed with a little lemon juice or wine vinegar (try balsamic vinegar, it is quite special), or if you prefer, a moderate serving ( 2 heaped table spoons - no more)of some cooked vegetables. You may have bread, grains (rice) or pasta until Day 4. Fruit should wait until Day 4 at the earliest (later if you have carbohydrate problems). You can have milk in tea/coffee.


You will have only 1 Lipotrim serving and 2 meals, as described for Day 1.

Day 3

Same as Day 2, but you may also have - at one meal only - an 8 ounce potato, plain boiled, mashed or baked, but with no addition of any fat. You may like to top with some skimmed milk, plain yoghurt or very low fat fromage frais and a sprinkle of herbs.

Day 4-7

A Lipotrim serving for your breakfast plus.....

up to 3 serving of fruit (if you suffer from the insulin resistance problem, then eat these late in the day and do not snack on them during the day)

up to 2 slices of bread or 1 pita or 1 roll or 1 bagel (without fatty spread)

Any vegetables you want except avocado, 1 or 2 servings with your meals (2 tablespoons per serving)

any of the skimmed milk products.

fish fillet (any size) or 6 ounces of chicken or turkey, as described before, or one tin of tuna in water or brine, drained. Vegetarians may use tofu, textured vegetable protein (TVP) or quorn.

Lean meat with all visible fat trimmed off

low fat recipes prepared with low fat sauces - eg lean mince with tomatoes Bolognese sauce

medium baking potato or 6 small new potatoes or one serving of instant mashed potatoes (the kind with no added fat- read the label).
Instead of potato, you may have 4ozs of rice or pasta (cooked weight).

This schedule may be continued for several weeks - especially if you have lost a lot of weight - 5/6 stones or more - as you will need time to adjust to a different eating behaviour and quantities. Check your weight every week at the pharmacy; if it is going up, then action must be taken to address the types and quantities of food eaten. The maintenance food products are advised during this time to add extra control whilst adjusting to your new eating behaviour.

Sample menu for days 4 to 7.....

Breakfast Lipotrim serving.

Lunch Fish fillet (any type - cod, salmon etc), serving of potatoes ( 1 medium jacket or 6 new potatoes or a serving-spoon mash - no added fat) Yogurt ( low fat).

Diner 4-6 ozs chicken (no skin), jacket potato, salad. Fruit (if appropriate) or low fat dessert.

Evening Sandwich (no spread of any sort), consisting of: pickles, fat-free mayonnaise, salad/carrot, slice cold meat (low fat).

Snack 1 or 2 pieces of fruit (evening, if appropriate)

Breakfast Lipotrim serving

Lunch Sandwich (no spread) - any low fat filling, eg tuna. Bowl of salad. 2 pieces of fruit (if appropriate) or yoghurt.

Dinner Spaghetti Bolognese, consisting of: drained lean mince, low fat sauce, 4 ozs. Cooked spaghetti, serving spoon of vegetables. Dessert.

Snack or Evening.

Tub of very low fat fromage fraise, flavoured to suit with either slices of fruit or low fat jelly crystals for a sweet option or herbs and spices with added crunchy vegetable, for a savoury snack.

Or maintenance range - orange-crème drink or chocolate whip dessert (see leaflet).

The main point to understand in following the plan is not to have an any added fat in your food or in its preparation.

There is more than adequate fat for daily requirements naturally occurring in a diet chosen from a wide range of foods. There is no benefit to adding fat in preparation - only weight back on


Says it as it is!!!
nicky honey i don't drink, i asked my chemist about refeed and she said, on that week you don't do any shakes... But some people i've been talking too say you have one a day..????
if you dont drink... Just stick with lt..its easier xxxx:d forgot you had told me before you didnt drink .... Ketosis brain!!!
Whats the point in adding more food into the diet if he is planning only a couple of days away - refeed for a 1 or 2 weeks hol is fine but it's alot to go through just for the sake of a short break ?? not sure now ... am I totally off doo dah ???


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Stay on the LT. If you don't drink anyway then it's not worth re-feeding(unless you want too of course);) .I would buy some bottled water and a shaker and pack it in your holdall .If you do decide to re-feed then just go for it mate.It's your weight loss and you are in control. I'm re-feeding for my hols in a weeks time because thats what I wanted to do from the start and I understand that it may be harder to jump back on the LT but I know I can do it. I have come a long way this last couple of months and I am determind to reach my target (and stay there). I wish you well with whatever you decide,we will all be here to support you whatever your choice :D


Says it as it is!!!
Whats the point in adding more food into the diet if he is planning only a couple of days away - refeed for a 1 or 2 weeks hol is fine but it's alot to go through just for the sake of a short break ?? not sure now ... am I totally off doo dah ???
I was just pointing out his chemist was stopid!!! lol i agree if its only a few days ...feck it i would stick with it
I agree with the others hun if you dont drink there is no point in coming off TFR. Its not worth it for a few greasy old dinners! Stick with it :)
Phil, you must do what is best for you but I must admit, I'm with everyone. For a couple of days when you don't drink I'd stick with LT.

Good luck hun.

I wouldnt stop I would carry on , if you dont drink is not worth faffing around finding healthy food its easier to take the shake , I go away for 4 days every month I just rely on bottled water and my shaker(the first place i hit when i get to Bournemouth is Asda for 10 two litre bottles of water!) whilst im out having a laugh just carry my water shaker and shakes in a rucksack and dump it on the floor if were going in the pub where I have a nice sparkly mineral water

you may start the weekend with good intentions to eat healthily but if your mates all start on the steak egg n chips, full english, pizza and kebabs are you really going to stick to chicken salad, i probably could now but in week 2 or 3 idve caved