Help? Advice? Slippery slope.


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Hey guys,

I haven't been posting on here recently and any posts I have made have had nothing to do with weight loss. The main reason being I am struggling. I seem to have developed habits that I didn't even have before Slimming World. Proper binge eating. I start everyday out with good intentions and it goes fine until dinner time then I just binge on whatever I can find. I'd managed 5 days on plan then I went away to Dublin on Thursday evening for the night, I genuinely think I would have got back on plan on Friday but Thursday night had a mishap that resulted in me being brought to hospital and I've been feeling beyond $hit about myself since. I'm pretty sure my binging is related and it NEVER makes me feel better but I can't seem to stop myself.
I've gained at least a stone back from what I'd lost. I'd actually guess I'm 10st right now which is insane and makes me want to cry...I just don't know how to fix it. Well I do, I just can't seem to put it into practice. I don't even want to go out anymore, I've been invited to 3 things this week and have managed to make an excuse to avoid 2...I don't even recognise myself?!?

I guess I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, advice, simillar experiences? I just feel so lost and down and I know that if I continue to put weight on it'll get worse. I'm miserable at the mo.

Sorry for the self wallowing post, but I don't feel like I've anyone I can talk to to explain how I'm feeling. Even if no one has any advice I think it might just help to write it down.
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Your in the right place. You need to crack the first 2 weeks after that ull do good.
I cracked mine by being very unsociable, I didn't go out I went to bed early n I had to literally talk myself through every craving every meal but then it just got easier.
I'd try have a good full meal at lunch and snack mid afternoon and maybe you won't feel hungry to binge by dinner time.


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I remember last year when you got to 10st you were over the moon so you know in your heart you still look good at this weight...I know it is upsetting to gain weight back on but it happens...Now is the time to nip it in the bud and I do admire you for coming on and admitting you are finding it difficult as I unfortunately tend to hide away and then it really goes all wrong.

ast night was the first time I've really felt proud of myself when looking at a picture. I'm 10st 0.5lb :)I really felt I could see a difference, so even when I have down days now I'm going to look at this pic just to remind me how far I've come. My new target is going to be 9st :)

Take some time to read over your old diary as I am sure that will help to re-motivate you once again.

Binges usually happen when you have been starving yourself and missing meals...try to make sure you get back into a regular routine for meals and make sure to eat some protein with each meal as this will help to stave off hunger.

Hiding away does not help as this can add to your feelings of negativity and isolation...go out and enjoy yourself and just look at how happy and beautiful that girl in the photo was at 10st...:hug99:


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Jen, I can only echo what mini has said. You were so happy to get to that weight and looked amazing there.

Hope you are ok after hospital?

Is there any distraction techniques you could try at dinner time? Maybe eat a little earlier and go for a walk? Mix up meals so your "main" meal is at lunchtime?

Keep posting, we are here xxx


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Oh Jenna sorry to read you are struggling :sigh: have missed you around on here. Ive thought for a while youve been so hard on yourself and you know I think you need to be kinder to yourself. Lifes too short hun, such a shame to be missing out on get togethers.
As said above you look great at 10 stone and you looked good at your start weight too! but you werent happy there so its finding a way to get back in control of the food but without obsessing, easier said than done.
What helps me is allowing myself treats and days off plan because thats 'normal' I just have to balance it with lots of on plan days to stay a reasonable weight.
I dont know if any of what have said is any use to you but hope you will keep posting hun to get support from your minimates x


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Thanks for the support and advice guys. I wish I could see what you lot seem to. I don't understand what's making me binge. it's NOT hunger. I literally feel so out of control and the more I berate myself the worse it gets but I can't seem to stop. I've literally spent the day in tears which is stupid as I'm the one causing everything to go wrong.
I think I'll maybe try reopening my diary on here and posting again. Thanks again, you really are a lovely lot.


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Hiya Hun , I'm new to this forum but when I read your post I felt like I was reading something I had written myself . I guess it just reinfores that your not alone we all go through binging phases but the main thing is we take control before it gets worse !
I have just joined SW because I've gained 10lbs in the last month purely through binging and I'm so bloody annoyed at myself as I was doing so well at the gym and now I've ruined it all!
It really is the worst feeling in the world but the fact that you have already lost so much weight shows your more than capable of doing it you've just got to remind yourself of why your doing it and what made you do It in the first place . Good luck anyway ! If you wanna chat to a fellow binger I'm here :) Sam x


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Ok so for the past year you've been pretty focused on diet and exercise, and you have done wonderfully in getting to a healthy weight. Big thumbs up. BUT, and this is what so many people don't realise, it hasn't changed the other things in your life you aren't happy with, whether that is worklife, homelife, something more internal, whatever. Binge eating when not to do with hunger is down to not being able to face up to the other things in our life we aren't happy with. Either comfort, or punishment, or both, it is an unhealthy relationship to develop, but hun, you aren't the first and you most certainly won't be the last. Sorry if I am talking out of line Jenna, but you are so, so hard on yourself. You're not stupid. You are not causing everything to go wrong. You are human and you are having a hard time. And that's OK.


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I find writing things down on here easier too, ive been their and done the eating out of control too, its the frame of mind your in, its hard to even think about sticking to sw when theres stuff happening you cant control, but what you can control is your eating :) youv done it before you can do it againx


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Hi Jenna

I too suffer with Binge eating, i can go for months without an "episode" but in the last 3 weeks I have binged each Saturday night and have gained each week at weigh in
So this week I decided to try and take control, I have been on fast forward since Monday and fingers crossed this is helping

I find the restrictedness of the fast forward helps me to stick to it and not "cheat" or binge

Hope you find some help and don't be too hard on yourself x I also feel better when I talk to my hubby about anything that I feel down or silly about and this sometimes helps too.


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Hey gorgeous! Your post could quite literally have come from my mouth!! I've been the exact same for the past fortnight, and went to weigh in on tues to try and force myself back on the straight and narrow! However I ended up drinking too much wine and eating white bread just hours later when we had dinner guests!!

My self control is ridiculous, and I am planning to take each meal at a time, as a day at a time is proving too difficult for me!

We both know what to do my love, it would just appear we are struggling to actually do it at the min! Lets try to keep each other on the straight and narrow, what do you say? Xxx


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Hey Jenna,

I have ballooned in weight so many times over the years that I know exactly how you are feeling and why you are reacting the way you are. I remember when I was a soldier I got sent to Kenya for 4 months to help design and build a school out there and the first day I arrived I remember feeling so unfit and exhausted from the heat. I think I was about 110kg due to an injury I had picked up 6 months before but I decided that whilst out there with all the head and altitude I should really made a big effort to try and lose the weight. I worked so hard out there and eventually by the time I left I was about 85kg and looking ripped! I hadn't looked that good since I was a teenage and I went back home a new person with an abundance of confidence. For that period whilst I looked like I did I got so much attention and so many compliments that I then convinced myself that how I was before was absolutely disgusting. Anyway... months past and I didn't keep up the training I had been doing out in Kenya and by the time I knew it, 1 year after arrived back from Kenya I was back up to 100kg and I felt exactly like you do right now. Even though I still looked fine and was still relatively healthy it was all the compliments and people coming out of the woodwork saying how great I looked that made me feel like there was something wrong with me before I lost the weight. Well let me tell you now, I let all those negative feelings etc get the better of me and it even resulted in me not wanting to attend social events and see old friends who had last seen when I looked great because I didn't like the idea of them either saying something to me or behind my back about how I'd gained weight. This meant I let my weight balloon to 120kg and it had such a bad impact on everything.

Right now though I'm back on my way down and even though it's the hardest journey I've ever had to make I don't regret regaining the weight because in doing so I learnt a very valuable lesson. I learnt that even if you get to that dream weight you are striving to achieve that the journey is never over but more importantly I learned that it isn't always about being the lightest you can be, it's more important to be happy with your lifestyle and everything around you. If you don't have that happiness then it will have a tremendously bad influence on almost everything else.

Anyway, from a male point of view I'm sure you still look absolutely gorgeous and I definitely do not consider 10st as an unattractive weight for a female. I'm sure you look sexy as hell! You just need to start believing that too ;). x

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ive just read this thread after eating 5 chocolate biscuits and pack of wotsits. i wasnt even hungry.

sweetheart i totally see where you are and how you feel right now, its just so compulsive to reach for the crap, i cant help it.

if it helps you at all, your thread has given me a huge kick up the arse and i thank you for that, also you are beautiful btw, and obs very well loved here with great support,so use that love and support to find your way again.

im always about somewhere if you need a virtual hug.



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Thanks so much for the support guys and Chris in particular you have really hit the nail on the head with your comments, so many people said I 'looked great' when I lost the weight that it makes you think they must have thought you were completely grim before. Your answer has totally inspired me, thank you!

To the ladies struggling like me, lets do it together x

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we will do it together, Grease stylee, ramalangadingdong.


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maybe some shoobedy wop do wops, thrown in.