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Help again please

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Treats, 20 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    I have been looking on that syn calculator on the site and was wondering...

    I put in all the info for bread that I have here. It says 39 syns for package/portion!!

    Erm without being daft which is it?

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Per 100g[/FONT]
    calories (Kcal)

    package/portion size (g)

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]39 Syns per package/portion on Green or Original

    thanks anyone :D
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  3. kjs1628

    kjs1628 Surely....

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    Surely it has to be for the whole lot????!!
  4. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Did you type in the weight of each portion (i.e. the weight of each slice of bread).

    If I remember correctly there's a special little space to put the weight of each portion.

    :) That should sort it. No bread can possibly be 39 for a slice. Jeebus!
  5. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Nope that is what it asked for... it must be for the full 280g as I filled in every section which is above and that is what it came up with... odd isn't it... maybe now I have to count how many slices there are and divide that by 39 I guess?
  6. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    It is a lot easier to go in on syns online instead of the calc obviously unless the item you are looking for is not on there.
  7. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Hi this was from online.... I can not find the bread that every one else gets in the uk... and so want bread as over here it is all made fresh and is so wonderful... but not had any for weeks now as not sure .. so went out and found a bread (hope it isn't a sweet one) that had the ingredients on and thought oh be clever and get someone to check... and that is what came up.... so is it per pack ... must be as the loaf is only a half loaf?

  8. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Oh it will defo be the syn value for the whole of the loaf the avarafe piece of bread is around 5-6ish syns if not using as a hex
  9. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Thanks Sonban... I worked it out with the amount of slices in there and they are 2.5 each... which I thought oh drat.. lol so I am better of having pitta which is more and is double for less if that makes sense. hahaha ony 3.5 for one of those... thanks again for your help.
  10. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

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    Things like bread would be in the basic/non branded food section
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