Greggs and syn calculator

hi guys

I wanted to ask a question re the syns calculator.

I sometimes pop to Greggs to grab lunch and choose the ham and egg salad on malted bread, because it seems like the least worst option. It’s not showing up on syns online but when I check the ingredients on syns calculator, it comes up with 8. Depending on whether I enter per 100g or per pack, the syn value can vary. How can this sandwich be 8-9 syns when there are 2 large slices of bread in it, likely to be worth at least 6 syns each?
I don't know the answer to your question..however did you say on the calculator that it had a free food allowance? As pre-packed sandwiches do not get any allowance and you have to say no free food allowance on the calculator...annoying seeing as ham and egg are both free!

Edit - I have just ran it through the calculator (assuming it was the "honey roast ham & free range egg salad" sandwich, and it came out as 17.5 syns