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help and advise for my son


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I'm sure he'll be happy with ice cream!

Never had a brace but when went through chemo mouth and throat were v sore and it was ice cream for me, lol. Soups an obvious one. Soggy breakies like weetabix. Mash is fine as long as soft. Soft bread with cheese spread I found manageable. Processed foods in general were easier to get down.

Sorry not much help, hope he copes with it.
The orthodontist will advice you hun. My daughter's did.
Paracetamol for the aches
Soup, ice cream, porridge - generally soft baby food!
One bit of advice, even though your heart will be breaking to see him in discomfort, don't pander to him too much because they'll milk it for all it's worth ;-)


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I had a fixed brace on my upper and lower teeth for 3 years as a teen (removed when I was 16) - tell him that the results are brilliant and it's totally worth it!

The pain only lasts a couple of days - as time goes on it's likely the wire is tightened or replaced with a stronger one to increase the pressure to move your teeth back, which does cause a little discomfort for a few days again.

I don't remember totally changing my eating habits - just eating things like soup and bread. The real pain I encountered when I first had them put on was the brackets (the metal bits that are glued to your teeth) catch on the inside of your mouth and lips for a couple of days - however he should be given some vegetable wax to put over the brackets when he's asleep.

Some other advice I would give - if possible brush teeth after every meal to get bits out of the brackets and prevent staining. If teeth are not brushed regularly the area of the teeth that are not covered by the bracket could stain and once the braces are removed he may have lighter patches on his teeth where the brackets were. If he wants coloured braces don't get white or clear ones as they stain very quickly. I remember getting the clear ones and they turned brown - urgh!

Getting braces does seem daunting but tell him not to worry - at the end of the day he will have an amazing set of teeth.

Oh and as a side note, I didn't have problems kissing with braces ;)
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Oh Sarah what great advise - thankyou!! and jaylou how wise you are! LOL. My biggest problem is that the dentist said that we will have to tighten the brace twice a week ourselves so hows that going to affect him the poor lad! I really need lots of food ideas to keep going dont I xx


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I've never heard of it being tightened yourself - I always had mine done at the dentist. That is the painful part of having a brace I'm afraid but I do recall as time went on the pain wasn't as intense and didn't last as long because I was getting used to the increased pressure. I didn't have them tightened every week either, so I would imagine your son will get used to it a lot quicker than I did!
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when we went to the dentist last week he said that there is a devise on this brace where we can/have to tighten it ourselves twice a week. I was horrified because of this pressure that it will put on my son and also mainly him not being able to eat properly hence needing all you guys to help advise me on different types of foods etc. my son loves his food! they do at this age dont they, oh god he's gonna do some moaning!!:patback:
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Brilliant first hand advice............ I have repped her for you Jaylou said it is from us both.

Soft food is easy.......if he likes noodles etc. just chop them into small strands........all the obvious things really, scrambled egg with cheese melted into it to make sure he still gets his protein and calcium.


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oh jaylou, how really kind of you to ask,:wavey: well he had it fitted yesterday and cant talk properly at the moment. He had mashed potatoe with cheese and beans last night and i cut up some fish fingers into small pieces and he managed that! Im cooking a cottage pie at the moment so he should be ok with that, followed by sponge pudding and custard. He hasn't moaned about pain yet (moaned about everything else) but the dentist has shown me how to tighten it with a little pin and i have to do this twice a week starting wednesday so perhaps thats when it will start to hurt and the moaning will begin. Thanks so much again for your kindness in asking about him xxxx

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