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Help and motivation needed!!!

Hi all,

I am hoping that maybe someone can give me a much needed boost with my slimming journey! Namely getting it started!!!
I seem to be going backwards and feel really demotivated!

I just can't seem to get my head into weight loss, I did type out a huge post here about my knee and my back being a problem and how I am struggling to do any exercise and as I was writing out what I have available here, I realised that I have more than enough here to do some exercise and it is only me that can use it! I can't just look at it and expect it to lose me weight with no work at all!

I am struggling a bit with my knee and my back, but I think I have to take pain relief and just crack on (no pun intended) and I am sure that the exercise will help me massively!

Is there anyone else that struggles with working shift work and how do you work around it? The latest I finish is 10pm at night and the earliest is 8am, but I find that I struggle to fit everything in before I go to work when working hte later shift and the earlier shift I work is very few and far between!

Does anyone find that it is easier to go to class? or online?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

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hi! Huge welcome!

I do slimming world online, and I find it very good. I hadnt been too imnpressed with it initially, it explained the plan really well and all that, but theres no real person to ask questions etc. But this week was the first week I didnt have a loss, and the info that came up was really great and gave me a huge boost. If you would struggle to commit to a class I would definitely recommend it.

How many shifts do you do a week? you could start by getting into the habit of going for a walk or a swim on your days off and then gradually start adding it into the work days. Theres no point in going in all guns blazing and changing your whole day, because you are less likely to sustain it. Start small hun! And weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Dont let exercise be an excuse not to eat well!
Hi! Thanks for the advice! That is really helpful and I notice that we both have a similar amount to lose!!

We work one week of 1 - 9pm, one week of 2 - 10pm and one week of 8 - 4. We do three later shifts a month and only one early shift a month which is not fab!

I think I need to get more organised in the house and start to plan exercise into my day.

I found the website a bit hard to understand, there was a lot of information and I found I got a little overloaded. I do like the magazines though and I have just had another one delivered today and there has been lots of information in it.

I think I need to find me a little buddy who lives close to me! I might be able to find someone in work maybe and arrange to go exercise at the same time as them for a bit of moral support! x