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HELP - Anyone having small losses!!!!


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Just wondered if any of you out there were having small losses, apart from my 1st week which was a 7lb loss the rest have been either 1 or 2lb

Was wondering what you did to speed up your losses i.e. move up a stage perhaps the extra cals boosted your loss??????

I know the obvious is up the exercise, but surely my losses should be higher than this even without it!! as only just over 400 cals a day!!!

Any advise appreciated. xx
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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
You need to look at your losses in context of what your losing over a four week period.

I see you have lost 21lbs. already so how long has that taken?

Given the guide lines are a stone a month I find most people come close enough to that when you work it out over the long term.

Time of the month also can show up on the scales as weight but when in fact it is just water retention.

I found myself when SSing my weight did slow down to 1lb. or 2lb. a week but then would increase again. My weight loss on SSing was working out about 12lbs. a month.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx


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1st month lost 13lbs 2nd lost 6lbs, the last 2 weeks have seen a total of 2lb so 21lb over 10 weeks. Start weight was 17s 9lb (now 16s 2lb) so had a fair bit to lose (7s at least)


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
Yes, I can see why you feel frustrated.

Your losing about 1/2lb. less than I was overall each week.

I have done WW to the letter and my weight loss on it was 10lbs. in ten weeks.

So you can see why I am happy when doing a vlcd.

I wonder how your weight loss faired after or during add a meal week?

I have been off dieting for a few weeks now as I had Shingles and was not feeling great but hope to go back next week if I am feeling up to it.

I am going to give 790 a go as I just find it too difficult to get back to SSing.

I know how frustrating it is to be a slow loser, especially when you see others flying ahead and I know I let this get to me and it was the cause of breaking my diet last year.

Now when I look back if I had not let my chatterbox get to me I would of been at goal by now even being as slow as I was, but it is difficult to see that at the time.:cry:

I really feel now I just can't compare my weight loss to anyone else's as we are all unique. I know it will come off the way it is meant too!

That I have just got to persevere.

Love Mini xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Try increasing your water levels to about 4 litres a day. Extra water does normally help. Also try to walk around more if you can.

Everybody loses weight differently, so dont be disheartend.

Also do you do you measurements weekly? see if they show any progress.... as Mini said, sometimes its water retention
Hey i have had low losses for the past 2 weeks :( , just take a look at my sig. My 2nd week loss could have been caused by TOTM though because i got my period the day after WI.

I was really upset :cry: and frustrated :mad: because i really want to lose a stone a month so i have the SSing out the way before uni and i can focus on maintaiance and being healthy.

I have discussed my wieghtloss with a few people and it could be because of my metabolism or all the meds i have been on in the past. They have messed up my metabolism alot. Also I wasnt drinking a alot of water :tear_drop: for the first 2 weeks just the minimum of 4 pints. But now i am on 4-5 litres a day :) . I am hoping this will help with my weight loss over the next few weeks.

How did you do on AAM week?? My CDC and I have decided that if i lose more weight on AAM week because of it stimulating my weight loss then i will prob move upto 790 plan and see how that goes.

But at the mo i am going to try and drink more water and get more exercise in. I know that we should be losing weight without the exercise on such low cals but everybody's body chemistry is different and if the exercising helps then it should definatley be encouraged. Also i have been losing inches, so although i have low losses i can tell i have lost weight on my waist, stomach and hips ( my clothes dont fit :) ) and i can see my collor bone now. So as long as i lose inches i am happy :) .

Try adding extra water :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: and exercise during the week and see if that helps your weight loss. If not then i think you should wait for AAM week and progress to the 790 plan if it stimulates your metabolism more.

Good Luck xx :)

ps sorry for the long post :rolleyes:


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yeah thanks guys, I was on AAM week last week, back SSing this week so was going to see if my WI shows a bigger drop on Monday. Will keep you all posted.

I really struggle with the water aspect though cos if im not drinking water its usually coffee or peppermint tea, or my shakes so feel like a glass or cup is permanently at my mouth:D

Thanks again.
hey there
21lb loss is fantastic!!!! Don't be disheartened, just think of the health benefits you are getting from losing 21lb. Keep plugging away and it will keep coming off. We all want a quick fix but we don't all work the same. You are doing amazing keep it up (or down as the case maybe)


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dont get me wrong I am pleased at what I have lost but this will now be a longer road to travel, probably twice as long at this rate and to be honest I simply cant afford to go much further than the end of June when my 2 kids break up for their hols, as I only work part time, so after paying for childcare & CD I get left with about £12!!!!!

Was hoping to have lost at least 4 stone by this time but at this rate I cant see it happening.:cry:

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