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HELP - Awful morning


Taking it Day by Day
Oh man, I could cry, well in fact I did this morning in the loo. It's my birthday and I woke up to a complete blockage down below. I was expecting one, as hadn't been able to go to the loo for the last 3 days but on my birthday???? (I am taking psyllium husks but somehow still get constipated every other week). I spent the best part of the morning in and out of the loo, desperate for something to happen, and crying half the time. This made me late for the kids school run. I just snapped at DH when he called to wish me a happy birthday. Then I had to stop at Tesco's to try again as the "pressure" was getting very uncomfortable (sorry).

I then went up to the pharmacy to ask for some advice. First I had to wait for about 10 minutes for the pharmacist to get off the phone only to find out that they had run out of the suppositories sp?) she recommended. Little one grabbed and ripped open a bag of maltesers, which I then "had" to buy. I was getting very late for work, and I sneaked about 3 maltesers. I finally did manage to go to the loo. Feeling very sore now… and am just utterly fed up.

I just want to stuff my face, and probably would have done so already if not saved by the fact that I am at work now and have no money on me to go and buy anything nasty.

If this diet is messing up my digestive system so badly maybe it's time for me to come off it. I just want to be healthy and not replace one problem with another.

Extremely sorry for the rant. I have this whole day ahead of me and don't want to make up for the bad start by eating. :cry::cry:
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Happy Birthday, so sorry it's got off to a bad start.
It can only get better. You are so close, just over a stone, hang on in there it will all be over by Christmas. You were so positive yesterday and lost 3 lbs this week. Do you have the water flavourings? I find they help me. Keep thinking of your goals and the fabulous dresses you can wear in the party season and all your other personal goals, and keep drinking the water.
Phone your DH back and get some lovely positive strokes from him.
Hope you get some fab pressies when you get home. Chin up.


Taking it Day by Day
Thanks, iceycold for your support. I already texted DH, he generally hasn't got much time to chat at work, so will call him at lunchtime. it's just everytime I get this problem, I feel like going back to eating "normal" food.

I am glugging away the water at the moment,and at least for the time being the feeling of just wanting to eat has left me. I will have to take it an hour at a time today.


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Hi Julia,

First of all here's a Big Hug

You have had an awful morning my heart goes out to you. Perhaps instead of the psyllium husks you could try fibreclear you can buy this in your local pharmacy. I find a spoonful a day does help, it is tasteless and I add it to my tea or coffee.


You have done so well on your diet and now you don't have far to go and for some reason this last stone is always the hardest to shift.

Talk it over with your LLC before you make any rash decisions.

On a lighter note I would like to wish you A Very Happy Birthday!!!:flowers:


Love Mini xxx


Taking it Day by Day
Thanks for the hug Mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get this fibreclear from any pharmacy or do I need to order it online???


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You should be able to get it in your local Pharmacy. It is becoming very popular.

Your LLC might have it.

Cambridge Diet do their own called fibre89 which is similar and I have used both with the same results.


Taking it Day by Day
Goodness Me!!!!

I just had the loveliest bunch of roses delivered to my office. What a surprise. It has been a few years since DH has done that. It is just what I needed now. I am really chuffed......


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Aww what a lovely DH you have there:cupid:

You lucky Birthday girl:)

Things can only get better from here...


Taking it Day by Day
I drink to that :party0036:(water of course)


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Ah, what a difference a couple of hours make! So glad you are starting to have a Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a lovely day from now on and sending you a great big Birthday hug!

Sorry to hear that the beginning of your special day was awful. I also use dulcolax and can only go when I take it. And glad your oh sent you the flowers.

Happy birthday

Irene xx
Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the horrid events of earlier. I am no resident poo/constipation expert, but I have found Movicol to be a great help. It's not a laxative, but erm a stool softner - you can buy it over the counter at the chemist or get it on prescription, it makes it easier and less painful to go. Comes in a sachet that you mix with water, doesn't taste very nice but certainly does the trick and makes it easier to "go" without needing to strain and with minimum discomfort.

I don't take dulcolax anymore as it gave stomach cramps, but my LLC okayed Senna, so I take a boots own brand Natural Senna and I find that to be gentler on my tummy.

Oh and Happy Happy Birthday, hope apart from the morning you had a lovely day.

Dear Julia

A belated very Happy Birthday from one Libran to another! I really hope you are feeling much better now; it sounded a very stressful start to the day. So glad you got some beautiful flowers, which you thoroughly deserve.

Hang on in there with the regime; you've come so far. Hope you find some assistance that works for you and your body. It's no laughing matter to be in that much pain and discomfort.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and once again, belated Happy Birthday.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Julia,
thought you may have posted on the May thread, but not seen anything, hope you are loads better.

How was the rest of your birthday after the beautiful bunch of flowers turned up?



Taking it Day by Day
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and thanks iceycold for your concern. I have basically just been really busy the last couple of days, didn't even really have time to lurk, and even at work where I normally get a chance to catch up I was just snowed under with work yesterday...

I will have to update my development thread with everything that has been happening the last couple of days. In short, I did eat over my birthday (most of which was planned) which was very nice, as all three kids stayed at their cousins' house:D:D:D, so we really had a whole evening and morning to ourselves!!!! I managed to get back to abstinence on the Sunday. My toilet problem got a lot worse, and as it was at its worst Sunday morning, I couldn't get hold of any laxatives anywhere and just had to get on with it... It's better now but the damage has been done.

Today I am really struggling, I can't go anywhere as have to wait for British Gas to come and check the boiler. Been wiating all morning, with a whiney toddler who I think is coming down with a cold and just want to eat something. At least I know the trigger, BOREDOM, I just have to figure out how to deal with days like today. Luckily they're not happening too often. It's possibly more than just boredom, I think I am actually a bit cheesed off that people never seem to be able to keep to a certain time and basically come when they want,and I have to just sit and wait and have no control over the situation (did I mention I like being in control???) Oh, well, I somehow just have to get on with it...


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Good to hear you had a lovely birthday and got back on the wagon after it.

If you have two packs left try splitting them and have four mini meals to stretch out over the rest of today.

Your not the only one who ends up waiting and waiting for these workmen to come when they say they will.

Mind you last Friday I had one guy turn up on time and it was a very pleasant surprise!

Love Mini xxx


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oh hun, just for you to brighten your day!

Glad you're doing OK, I really begrudge having to waste a days holiday for workmen, couldn't they at least narrow it down to half a days holiday...??? Grrrrr!
You're nearly there now, hang on in for another 4 weeks, and it should just about all be over, and management here we come, think I have about 6 - 7 to go, but close behind you.

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