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HELP? body is screaming at me to eat!


yes and yes.

What day are you on, sounds like day 2 to me? it does go, we couldnt stay on this for weeks at a time feeling like that, I'm not saying occasionally we don't get the odd hunger strike, but generally its okay

Have a hot drink and try to have an early night.


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Yes it is worth it, but it isn't worth making yourself ill over. What day are you on?

If you are really feeling that bad have an extra half a shake. But if you can try and distract yourself, have a bath, read a magazine or a book just try to take your mind off it. See if you can make it through 30 mins at a time. Have you drunk enough water today?

Here's hoping you feel better soon and start to feel the benefits from the diet. And to repeat again - it is definitely worth it!


its day 4 for me. first 2 days were easy. this jsut feels so unnatural!
Sound like your body having a last gasp attempt to get you to eat before you tip over into ketosis then? Have you tested for ketosis already?

Honestly, hot drink - tea or coffee and an early night. Could try another half pack if really struggling?
yes iv durnk 5 pints today. will get my head down with a dvd soon. just worried that things will get worse. have work tomorrow! urgh how u brave sods got thru this il never know! upmost respect!


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It does get easier, and once you have your first week weigh in results it gets even easier! Stick with it and enjoy your film!
my stomach hurts, i feel sick, yet iv had my 3 shakes today. i feel slightly week and craving food.

but i know if i start eating, i wont stop.

double edged sword.

is the nausea/pain normal/worth it in the end?
sounds like DAY 4 to me.......???? this is the day that your body 'runs out' of carbs and wants you to eat lots of 'em - DON'T DO IT !!! you are soooooo nearly in ketosis - it's not worth it.....lots of water, have a nice bath, phone a mate, ANYTHING !!! just don't eat !!!!!

the first few days are the worst......it DOES get easier :)

Debz x
thanks guys. good to know that this will pass and that im not alone. theres a thread where lots of new poeple are psoting, and they all seem tickety boo!

sorry for the drama. i expect looking after the newbies must get tiering sometimes :)
sorry for the drama. i expect looking after the newbies must get tiering sometimes :)
don't be daft....always happy to help :):)

stick with it - it's sooooo worth it !!!!

keep us posted with ur progress hun !

Debz x


Not at all, we were all newbies at one point too.

Plus when the next lot of "noobs" come in you can chip in too :)

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Awwww hun, well done for getting through your first few days. Soon you'll feel on top of the world and start seeing a big difference.

Good luck with the rest of your week hun xxx
aw :) i do love this forum

*replaces nausea with a warm fuzzy feeling inside*
Minimins is simply the best weight loss forum there is !!! and you are very welcome :D

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