Help calculating syns for Australian Products


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I've been doing slimming world for a long time. I'm confident with it and know syn values off the top of my head but I recently moved to Australia and am a little lost. I'm struggling with finding syn values of certain things as because they are Australian they do not appear on the app.

I'm hoping any other skimmers in Australia might be able to help or maybe anyone at home will be able to shed some light!

To start I've found noodles that are 99% fat free and I'm wondering if they are syn free?

Nutritional values:

Maggi 2 minute noodles 99% fat free
Chicken flavour
Energy- 1026kj
Protein- 7.6g
Fat total- 1.5g
Saturated- <1g
Carbohydrate- 50.5g
Sugars- 2.7g

If anyone can help that would be amazing!!