1. P

    The gym kitchen pouch slimming world syns?

    Hi Wondering if anyone knows the syns for The Gym Kitchen pouches? I found some in asda. I've just had this one but I can't find the syns anywhere. Pouch is 250g. Thanks!
  2. P

    M&S Our Best Ever Burger Syns? Slimming World

    Hi all, I am rejoining slimming world after a bit of a naughty few months and currently making meal plans for next week before i go food shopping! I have some food in the freezer that I'd like to use up this weekend before it's filled with healthy stuff! One of them is the M&S Our best ever...
  3. slimjimxo

    Starbucks syns

    So! I’ve been ordering a Skinny Iced Latte with a pump of sugar free caramel syrup. I’ve been counting this as a HexA. However, I’m not entirely sure if this would be syns too? I’ve had a really small loss this week and wondering if maybe this could be the culprit! 😩 Any help would be appreciated!
  4. catlover91

    Confused about Cous Cous

    I have a back log of Aldi's Spice Infusion Cous Cous that I'd like to incorporate into my SW meals if possible, but I'm very confused about how to calculate the syns. It's 189 calories for 1/2 pack made up, which should equate to 9.5 syns (using the divide by 20 method). What's confusing me is...
  5. M

    Protein Powder Syn Values

    Hi all I can see there are a few threads about using protein powder but do not include the contents of the powders so the powders were fully syn'd! I would really appreciate if someone much cleverer than me could calculate how many syns are in the following powders: BULK POWDERS CHOCOLATE WHEY...
  6. J

    How many syns in nissin soba teriyaki noodles

    Hiya does anyone know how many syns are in nissin teriyaki soba noodles 110g packet? I’ve got 2 packets left from before I started slimming world and want to know if I can use them and syn them before they go out of date :)x
  7. jazzy123

    PON Beef Pastie Syns??

    Hi, I’ve just started SW recipes and I found that PON recipes can sometimes fall under that category. I was going to make thIs beef and onion pastie, but am unsure how many syns it would be?? If anyone could help it would’ve appreciated! It’s made with a mini wrap which is know in itself is 5...
  8. J

    Syns in Sainsbury's fish cakes/fillets?

    Hi all trying to find the values for: Sainsbury's cod fishcakes x 2 170g Young's Simply Breaded Omega 3 Fish Fillets x4 400g I'm not looking for the syn values in those melt in the middle fishcakes, they seem to be the only thing I can find syns for. Also not looking for the whole "20 cal...
  9. adambeyoncelowe

    Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix

    Does anyone know how many syns are in these pancakes? Ingredients: Cassava starch, coconut flour, almond meal, egg, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, monk fruit, spice Per 100g: 433 kcal 20g fat (6.1g saturates) Net carbs 18g (2.3g sugar) Fibre 13g Protein 18g Salt...
  10. L

    Pork mince HEXB? Or syns?

    Hi all I would like to use some pork mince in a recipe however the slimming world book doesn't list it as a HEXB. Does it count as a HEXB? or will I have to syn it? If it is a HEXB how much am I allowed? Thank you!!!
  11. L

    Aldi corned beef

    Hi all! Does anyone know how many syns are in Aldi's tinned corned beef? The brand name is hunters and the tin is 340g. Thank you 😊
  12. Okitsbeth

    Sweetened almond milk

    Hi can someone please help, how much of sweetened almond milk can be used as your healthy extra? I use the ASDA sweetened and I can’t find it anywhere thank you
  13. A

    Lana syn friendly options?

    Does anyone have any recommendations what I can get in Lana that wouldn't be too bad as I have a dinner?
  14. angelicskinny


    Had sausage roll 18 syns and then not knowing how bad it is had dried apricots, 100g How much is in it? Im fxckin out and options to eat r limited. Weigh in thursday. Might just skip i dont need my dads judgement anyway :/ help plz
  15. S

    Marks and Spencers Canned/Tinned Meals

    Hi there, My gran has just given me a few different M & S tinned meals, which all look lovely, but I daren't eat them before I know the syn value. If you could please help with the syn values, it would be so appreciated! They are: Mild Chicken Curry - 508 calories, 23.6g fat, 10.8g...
  16. dreamingthin19

    Syns subway raspberry cheesecake cookie?

    If I just ate one of them then how much would be in it by the way no I can't figure it out myself I'm absolutely crap at maths
  17. SuperSlimmer

    Domino pizza delights Syns!?

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I started in the new year doing slimming world and am finding new places to eat out that won’t corrupt my diet 😊 a few weeks back I see dominos is now doing a “delights” pizza range, which is 650 cal or under for a entire small pizza! Sure, this will be way less...
  18. C

    In need of syning help! please!

    Firstly, are all fat free Greek yoghurt syn free? If not what ones are? Secondly, Onken yogurts, what are the syns for: Blubbery and Elderberry 0%fat biopot Vanilla 0%fat biopot Thank you in advance.
  19. W

    Morrisons riced broccoli and cauliflower

    Hi, does anybody know if these are free, or if they have oil in them? Glad to see morrisons doing them now :) Also, would they be a speed food? Thank you!xx
  20. S

    Had a takeaway and weigh in is Tuesday!

    So I finished work late tonight, and had a pretty stressfull week, I ended up ordering a takeaway as I was just too tiered to cook, I had a large Doner kebab(with pitta) with salad, no sauce and a garlic bread baguette with cheese which my sister had a couple of pieces and bit of doner...
  21. H

    Batchelors Pasta n Sauce 65g pots - SW

    Hey guys, can anyone give me the syn value for the rich Bolognese and spicy arrabbiata pots please? Can’t find any info anywhere!!
  22. Mrs_m93

    Syn value mini chicken skewers morrisons

    Hey would someone be able to work out the syn vale for this for me please!! Morrisons mini chicken skewers Values (as consumed) per 100g/ (as consumed) per 2 skewers 228kcal/46kcal Fat 14.2g/2.8g Of which saturates 3.2g/0.6g Carbs 7.2g/1.4g Of which sugars 3.1g/0.6g Fibre 1.1g/0.2g Protein...
  23. R

    Pesky vegan syn question!

    Hey everyone. It's lovely to have finally signed up here instead of lurking as a guest! I've been doing SW for a few months and have reached my target weight, but....I really want to try some new products that I've spotted and wondered if someone would be kind enough to look them up for me? I...
  24. Kiara

    Protein Powder syns?!?!

    I know Slimming World is all about the healthy balance, with no need for extras like this, but I do A LOT of strength training & running and I like to add 1 scoop (25g) of protein powder in my smoothie for breakfast. The Protein Works Whey Protein Powder, unflavoured - 1 SCOOP (25g) 101 calories...
  25. Kiara

    Quakers Oats - Porridge To Go Syns ?!

    Anyone know the syn value of Quaker Oats Porridge To Go, the oat one and the strawberry, raspberry & cranberry one? Struggle to figure out the hex b in this. And if it IS part hex b, how many syns it would be if I used it ON TOP of my hex b? THANK YOU !
  26. O

    Help! Something’s not working

    I’ve recently joined a slimming world group (although have dabbled a little bit with slimming world in the past). I’ve been on plan all week except on Sunday when I had afternoon tea. Although, I’ve been told it can have more than 100 Syns in it, I individually calculated everything I had and...
  27. Mrsb1509

    Tesco meat free fishless fish cakes

    Hi can anyone tell me the syn value for these Tesco meat free fish cakes please. They look really nice and I’m hoping to have one for my tea!
  28. McL1995

    Extra Easy ASDA Reduced Fat Burgers

    Hi all 😊 Can someone please tell me the syn value for ASDA Butchers Selection Reduced Fat Burgers? Nutritional values: 176kcal, 8.7g fat, 4g saturates, 0.5g sugar, 0.75g salt. Thanks in advance!
  29. Beth.jones03

    Syns in Chicken thighs with skin.

    So I was really craving a takeaway chicken burger and chips, I thought I’d treat myself a little and buy some Sainsbury’s fresh salt and pepper chicken thighs. I know that chicken skin is 6.5 syns for 25g. How many grams of skin is on two chicken breasts?
  30. Keelin Doyle

    How much Syns ??

    Hi, Just asking how much Syns is in one slice of black pudding and white pudding that you’d have in a fry? Thanks!
  31. V

    Aldi Sweet syns please??

    Hi, I’m looking for syn value of Aldi “Grovee” gummy sweets - suitable for vegetarians and vegans (I’m neither but they taste soooo good). They’re in a purple packet. Please & thank you in advance! X x
  32. M

    Taste Inc.

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how much syn values are in Taste Inc. fillets - they come in original and spicy. I'm addicted to them! I see that their big with SW members on Instagram too :) Always seem to miss the syn value information though! Any help guys? Here's the link:
  33. H


    Hello, Would anyone be able to tell me the syns for these foods at Wagamama? - • Chicken Steamed Gyoza • Ginger Chicken Udon Thank-you :)
  34. T

    Nandos Chicken Thighs

    Does any one know how many syns are in Nandos chicken thighs? we are going tomorrow and I cant find anywhere that says how many syns are in them! Will they be the same as butterfly chicken or not? aroun 3/4 ? Help please lol!
  35. Mini

    Sugar Plum Mini

    Happy New Year 218! Nothing like a shiny new diary to help with motivation as I begin this New Year full of resolutions and mini goals. Resolutions are to lose weight, get active and stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake. First mini goal is to get back into the seventeens and leave the...
  36. C

    Tesco Multiseed FlatBread Syns

    Hi! Can anyone help me with the Syn value of these.... not sure how many Syns are in each of these. There are 6 in a pack and I've just had one with some Syn Free carrot and butterbean soup...
  37. J

    Rice pouches

    Hi I’m doing slimming world at home and was wondering what the syn values on the rice pouches like the uncle bens. Was looking for something to have at work that is quick but filling at the same time. Thanks.
  38. P

    Greggs and syn calculator

    hi guys I wanted to ask a question re the syns calculator. I sometimes pop to Greggs to grab lunch and choose the ham and egg salad on malted bread, because it seems like the least worst option. It’s not showing up on syns online but when I check the ingredients on syns calculator, it comes...
  39. sarah champion

    soya yoghurt syns

    hi I'm confused how come muller lights and 0% fat yogurts are mostly syn free but soya yoghurts having less calories and far lower sugar content have syns they are also low fat just don't get it.
  40. L

    Indian Takeaway tonight!!

    Hi guys, i'm getting an Indian takeaway tonight. I know a lamb rogan josh is a good thing to have, or a dhansak, but I was wondering if anyone knew how many syns are in a patia? Can't find it anywhere!
  41. T

    Aldi Slim Free

    Hi, new to this site and SW, but wanted to find out how the syns values work? Aldi launched these Skim Free meals last week and on calculating the syns I've come out at 18.5 for the Chicken Tikka Masala? This brings me to ask does the Slimming World's equivalent work out free on ee plan...
  42. J

    Porridge HEXB

    Can I use the oats so simple original as healthy b as I've heard you can't as you can only use the big bowel. Any help is great. Thanks x
  43. greensquares

    How to get the value of 100's of syns

    branded or not: open the slimming world home page click on the hearts scroll down to syns online and click the syns tool section select syns online type in any product, supermarket, or whatever and you can access 1000's of sin values
  44. MysticalT

    Syn check on Asda med veg please

    I bought some Asda scratch cook mediterranean veg mix but didn't realise it's in a herby dressing. I've tried the 1 syn per 20 calories idea which gives it 4 syns! Could someone check this for me please or already know? For 125g (1/4 pack) it's 83 calories, fat 4.3g and saturates 0.8g. If it...
  45. MysticalT

    New to SW - using recipes from other sites

    Hi! After spending months trying to calorie count and falling off the wagon because I'd used all my calories and I'm stubborn ;) a friend has recommended trying slimming world. Every Google search I did brought me to this site so I've registered! I've found lots of information that I need...
  46. Annaokeeffe92

    John west light lunches

    Can someone tell me syns in all the John West light lunches? Thank you!
  47. O

    Alpen Granola

    Hello, I am recently new to joining SW, and was wondering if someone can help me, how many syns are in Alpen Granola? is there a specific syn value for all flavours? as I have been buying Alpen Light bars and on the the box is 50p off granola. thought I could mix it with fat free yogurt...
  48. H

    M&S syns help!

    I've just had the M&S roasted aubergine, grains & sumac salad for lunch and can't find it anywhere online or on the app for the syn value! I am happy to call the Syns hotline to go through it with them, but thought I'd see if any of you amazing slimmers already knew how many syns this salad...
  49. S

    Help with syns!

    hi there! I'm following the slimming world plan myself as I don't have the money or time to attend the actual meetings but I love their plan. I'm having trouble with understanding syns etc and was just wondering what Waitrose LoveLife Thai red chicken curry syns are? It has 413 calories Thanks...
  50. nush

    Tracker white choc syns

    Can anyone tell me the sun's in a white chocolate cop Tracker?
  51. nainai24

    Blue Dragon Plum Dipping Sauce

    Hi all, I've tried looking on the SW website online syns tool and I've tried searching on the net, but I just cannot seem to find the syns for this. The blue dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce is listed, but not this one. Given the length of the list on the SW online syns tool I'm quite...
  52. The_ChunkyChick

    Aldi Pasta & Sauces

    Hi, If you make the Aldi pasta and sauce packets with water are they free on extra easy? Please provide any sources... Thanks in advance
  53. C

    Please help!

    okay so I've been doing slimming world for a little while now but I'm constantly going over my syns due to hunger in the evenings (which obviously doesn't help my weight loss), does anyone have any advice on how I can fill myself up so I don't eat so much later on? My portions are good sizes and...
  54. Z

    Bad Days

    Today I had a perfect start with breakfast and lunch then it just fell apart from there! I ate all the bread, the sweets and the chocolate!! I don't dare add up the syns. I feel so guilty about it and feel like it's going to undo all my hard work. Need to keep reminding myself it's just one...
  55. H

    Newbie: am I doing it right?

    Hi all! I'm in my first week of doing Slimming world on my own at home (as I can't afford membership at the moment) and I was wondering if someone could maybe let me know as to whether what I'm eating is alright? (My portions are very large because that stops me from snacking throughout the...
  56. Chris Judson


    So, today was doing so well. Breakfast: overnight oats Lunch: left over sw spagetti bolognaise (pasta rather than spagetti) Drinks: latte on the way to work (less than 250ml semi-skimmed milk), black coffee with breakfast, a Tetley 50/50 cup of tea with a small amount of semi-skimmed milk THEN...
  57. AnnSummersPartyAmbassador

    Chicken skin

    Hello, if I get a whole chicken shove in oven and after cooking remove the skin and don't eat it, is the chicken itself still free? Or how many syns?
  58. C

    Easter eggs

    Hey guys, new to this page, first post woo! Hoping you can all help me out, used to be an attending member of slimming world but it got too expensive to keep going to doing it on my own, so no longer have access to the app unfortunately. Does anyone know the syn value of Cadbury's Easter eggs...
  59. SWnewbie17

    Syn usage - in between meals?

    Hi, I'm new to this so bear with me! I've had a look around but I'm not sure if I can eat my Syns between meals? Or only with meals. Can I only eat free fruit and veg between meals? e.g. can I have a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits mid afternoon or is that not allowed?! TIA! :-)
  60. healthyobsessions

    Iceland Butternut Mash?

    Could anyone please tell me the syns in this? It's mainly veg with a bit of butter.... Nutritional Value is - Typical values Per 100g Microwaved Energy 509 kJ / 122 kcal Fat 7.2g (of which saturates) 4.7g) Carbohydrate 11.3g (of which sugars) 2.5g) Fibre 2.1g Protein 1.9g Salt 0.6g Ingredients...
  61. M

    Slimming World Alfredo Sauce

    Hi all, Looking for an opinion on the following syn value on this Sauce I made for pasta this evening! It was so good: Chicken stock 230ml Milk Garlic Frylight 1tbsp wholemeal flour I make it out to be 1 syn but would value other opinions?
  62. E

    SW: What am I doing wrong?

    I'm new here - so I'm really sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong place. I thought it was quite general and just wanted some advice. I picked up some Slimming World books from eBay having been so impressed with a friend's weight loss. My aim is to lose about a stone, just so I can feel more...
  63. I

    HexA Cathedral City mild cheddar towers

    Hey all, Just found out you can have 2 of these 'cheddar towers' from Cathedral City as a HEX. Otherwise they are 2 1/2 syns each! I was pleased to hear this and thought I'd share- great for those of you cheese lovers who are 'on the go' or for those of you who want to save the job of weighing...
  64. I

    Linda McCartney vegetarian chicken paella

    hey, I got some Linda mccartney veggi chicken paella- I couldn't find any syn values for it online. I have the ingredients and the nutritional values
  65. I

    Extra Easy Alternatives for chocolate

    hey all, I'd like to appoligise in advance- not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum (i am quite new) My quick question was - I was wondering if there was any good alternatives to chocolate to ease the craving -preferably low syn of course. I have a major sweet tooth and I've been...
  66. I

    Extra Easy SP my sweetie binge

    hey all, I just wanted some support and advice really. I've been doing slimming world for just over 2 weeks now and I've kept to it strictly... Until today! My mum went away on holiday and when going to greet her she returned with more chocolate and sweets I've seen in months. Let's just say...
  67. Barb73

    Going over daily syns

    Hi all I've just signed up, this is my first post... I've been doing SW since the end of October, up to my 1.5 st award...but this week I'm really struggling and have gone over my syns every day since weigh in. It's been star week but I usually stick to my 15 syns. This week I've had 20 to 24 a...
  68. Likklemonkeyy

    Slimming world newbie

    Hi guys. Just a quick introduction! I'm 24, starting weight is 12st 1lb I'd like to get down to at least 10.5st to feel comfortable in myself again. I was recently trying the slim fast diet after Christmas and lost 6lb but my weight didn't shift any more than that so thought I would try...
  69. P

    Syns in Tesco Chicken Pakora

    Hi, new to this website. I'm doing slimming world on my own so don't have access to the syn calculator. Would anyone be able to tell me the syn values for Tesco chicken pakora 150g. I know the chicken is free but not sure about the rest of it. Here's the nutritional info: Half of a pack...
  70. S

    Can I still lose after flexi syn day?

    I only need 2lb to reach 1/2 stone :) I ate out yesterday for a dessert which I am giving it roughly 25-30 syns. If I cut down to around 10 syns a day until weigh day (Tuesday) can I still lose?
  71. S

    How to syn crepes at a dessert place?

    jm going here I'm going to go for the crepes I think as calculator showing plain crepes at 4.5 syns, which one though should I go for that doesn't really make Syns to high? Thank you
  72. V

    bernard matthews turkey

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows the syn value of bernard Mathews turkey breast roast? The frozen round one. I know a lot of the stuff is free, is this one too? Thanks
  73. GemTay1

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

    Hello peeps. I need some help if possible, I started SW on the 12th jan and in my first week i had a 5lb loss, im due to be weighed again this Thursday. I am trying so hard as I really want to continue to loose each week. the only thing im finding difficult is over the past 2 days iv found my...
  74. peggysuse

    Syns in Costco Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese

    I am going to Costco for dinner and I was wondering how many syns are in the Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese (I will use the cheese as my healthy extra) any help would be great, thanks!
  75. H

    Five guys syns?

    Hi all, Does any know the syns in a five guys burger? I know some of the toppings will be free but just wondering about the burger and bun. Help :-)
  76. B

    Coast to coast syns

    Hi, going to a coast to coast restaurant but need to know how many syns are in the meals, any help?
  77. PrincessLauren

    My SW Dairy

    Hi all, I started slimming world on Friday and thought I would share my food diary and weight loss progress with you. So here is what I ate and drank today and what it all adds up to: Breakfast: - Porridge oats = HEXB - Muller light = Free - Melon = S - Apple = S Lunch: - Boiled egg...
  78. PrincessLauren

    Ah I eating right?

    Hi all, I started SW yesterday and I just feel like I've eaten so much food!!! Can someone please read today's food diary below to make sure I'm doing this correctly, thank you. Breakfast: - Porridge Oats (HEXB) - Milk (HEXA) - Apple Lunch: - Pasta - Cucumber - Red onion - Tinned...
  79. B

    Advice on syns please

    I've gone over in a week by 5 syns. Will this affect my loss? I just had to have that cereal bar didn't I. It's my first week
  80. B

    Advice needed please

    hi I've been on slimming world for 4 days, I've quit smoking so I'm desperate not to gain any weight and if by a miracle it would be nice too loose some too! I can't stop eating! I've been sticking to my daily syns (15) but I'm eating ridiculous amounts of fruit which I understand are free and...
  81. H

    I'm worried I'm doing it wrong

    Hey everyone. I've been doing slimming world online for about 2 weeks now, I had been eating 'healthily' for 3 weeks prior, so that's 5 weeks of change in total. I weighed myself before I started eating healthily 5 weeks ago but didn't see what I weighed before I started following slimming...
  82. healthyobsessions

    Newly Vegetarian

    Hi guys! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section... feel free to love this to the relevant place if need be. I have recently become vegetarian! Yay! But I am pretty clueless about veggie options/recipes and syn values... could any vegetarians give me some meal ideas/veggie products/syn values...
  83. nells

    Eating at Cotes Brasserie

    hi Can anyone help me, I'm eating at cotes tonight and i have had a very bad few weeks so i need dinner to be minimum syns!
  84. Annaokeeffe92

    M&S count on us fish pie

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could tell me the syns in the m&s fish pie from the count on us range? Can't find on app.. here's the nutritional info - potato and fish (haddock prawns and salmon ) would be the free foods. There's also broccoli in it :) Per pack (400g) calories 332 fat 8.0...
  85. Ljbradders

    Batchelors Couscous

    Just spotted that Batchelors do couscous! Does anyone have any idea on syn values please? x
  86. S

    Syns in Costa speciality lattes?

    I like the vanilla, cinnomon, roasted hazelnut and caramel lattes! If I ask for a medium one with skimmed milk, how many syns would it be?
  87. S

    Costa and Starbucks syns please??

    At Starbucks I'll have the pumpkin spiced latte, what would the syns for this be please If I asked for skimmed milk? Also Costa I will drink the speciality drinks, which are, roasted hazelnut, vanilla and caramel, with skimmed milk! Does anyone know the syns in these please?
  88. healthyobsessions

    How Many Syns?

    As the title says really.... how many syns do you have on average daily? And how much do you weigh (if you don't mind sharing)! I lowered my syns from 15 to 10 when I hit a plateau a few months back and haven't gone back to 15 since as I'm scared I'll have a massive gain :( but ideally, I...
  89. K

    Can Anyone Help Me Caluculate Syns in This?

    Been eating quite a bit of these noodles and hoping someone with access to the online calculator can please help me work out the syns in this food? There's a free food involved so it's not the straightforward 20 cals = 1 syn. The free food is wheat noodles, dry. Average nutritional value per...
  90. K

    Marks and Spencer syns

    Hi everyone it's my 1st week on slimming world and I was hoping you could help me with a few things. How many syns in the following meals from m and s? I was hoping to have a small treat and these seemed rather good. Balanced for you chicken jalfrezi Balanced for you courgette and broccoli...
  91. Mouse_x

    New to this could really use some help?!?

    Hi everyone, I did slimming world a few years ago and lost 4 and half stone needless to say that's all come back on. I've received had a baby and reallt want to get back on plan. I can't afford to rejoin and tbh I never attended group before. It would be really helpful if anyone could help...
  92. I

    Sunbites Popcorn 12g

    Hi All, I've just bought a multipack of sunbites sweet & salty popcorn, they are 59 calories but I saw on another thread someone had said they were 6 syns. Surely that can't be right for a 12g bag can it? The below is info for 100g and 30g but these are mini bags of 12g that I need to know the...
  93. X

    Claire B Diary

    So I'm a bit late to the party, but will post my diary below....
  94. S

    Healthier ways to use my syns?

    i usually save all my syns for the night time on chocolate and junk food. But latley iv been off plan and binging a little throughout the day! So thinking of using syns through the day! But not junk syns what can you suggest? Thanks
  95. C

    How many syns in kabanos, for date night?

    Hi, My partner is on slimming world, and I am trying to be supportive by cooking some slimming world friendly date night food, but I cannot find out how many syns are in sainsburys Kabanos. Does anybody know how many...
  96. C

    Tesco chicken and bacon career salad syns

    Hi, Does anyone know the syns to tescos chicken & bacon Caesar salad? Obviously without the dressing? Thanks
  97. chubbypenguin

    Diary of an ex calorie counter

    Hi all, relatively new to the forum but a long time lurker! Started slimming world 1 week ago, I previously lost 3 stone on calorie counting/5:2 diet however unfortunately I became a bit obsessed by the numbers and counting and went too far the other way! So gave myself a year or so to sort my...
  98. chubbypenguin

    How would you syn this?

    Out to eat tonight, trying to choose the best option! What would syns be on: Insalata Mista or verde( Mixed or green) (v) Spaghetti alla Montanara Finely chopped steak with onions, red peppers, rocket & a touch of tomato ? Think they are the best options, else tempted to have a very off plan...
  99. seaelaine

    Syn Tracker

    Hello all I made myself this printable syn tracker to help me keep on top of things. I thought it might be helpful to other people too you can get the pdf for it (A4) here: pdf document: Syn Tracker.pdf let me know what you think (also if anyone knows of a better way to attach a file I...
  100. C

    ASDA Ready to Cook Three Cheese Margherita Chicken syns please!

    hi guys, got this reduced for 10p!! was wondering what the syn values would be for it? thanks ypical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g Energy 572kJ 136kcal Fat 5.7g of which saturates 2.4g Carbohydrate 2.8g of which sugars 2.6g Fibre 0.9g Protein 18g Salt 0.51g
  101. C

    asda chunky root veg bake syn value please!

    hi guys, cannot find this product in the book- guessing it might be new? syn value would be appreciated please as it looks so yummy typical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g (ovenbaked) Per 1/2 pack Energy 294kJ 561kJ 71kcal 135kcal Fat 3.3g 6.3g of which saturates 2.2g 4.1g Carbohydrate 6.3g 12g...
  102. NikolaLuigi

    Motivation = zero

    I've been loving slimming world and the amount of food I can eat - I'm quite healthy in general but just enjoy too much healthy foods ;) recently I've lost motivation for slimming world though How are avocados so high in syns when they are one of the healthiest foods on this planet? And the...
  103. HellieCopter

    Extra Easy Nando's Macho Peas...

    Hello. This has probably been asked 100 times but I can't find a recent answer! Macho peas at Nando's - anyone know what the syns are please? I have trawled the database online but it's not very helpful at all, and the calculator is vague because I don't know what the portion size is. Online it...
  104. MilliesMummyx

    Extra Easy lucozade zero calorie?

    Does anyone know a syn value for these? I seen they had orange and pink lemonade now out in zero calories/ sugar free. Hoping for a wee syn free cos I miss a wee lucozade (I generally just like the flavour not the 'energy' haha). Thanks in advance :)
  105. S

    Birthday weekend... Way over syns!

    hi all I have been on SW for 6/7 weeks now and had a loss each week. In total I have lost 1 stone 2.5lbs which is amazing so far! However... Had my birthday on Friday... And unfortunately I have over indulged Friday... And Saturday! Friday involved lots of vodka, cocktails and meat and chips...
  106. C

    great food sweet pumpkin and chilli veg cakes syns please!!

    hi guys, cant find the syn value for these anywhere? can anyone help please great food's vegan sweet pumkin and chilli veg cake Typical Values per 100g kJ 997 kcal 238 Fat 10.5g Saturated Fat 1.0g Carbohydrates 30.8g Sugars 6.0g Fibre 3.8g Protein 7.0g Salt 1.27g
  107. NikolaLuigi

    5.5 syn treat

    Hi everyone! Today at work I was introduced to the Tim Tam slam. I thought I had to share it with you all because it's the best thing I've ever eaten for 5.5 syns! You make yourself a cup of tea (0.5 syn for splash of milk) or a coffee depending on your preference. Tea works better because of...
  108. V

    Help please - Syn value...

    Have just been to the cinema with the bf & I've only had 2.5 syns since weighing yesterday (really good for me btw) and had planned on only having another 2.5 today so I can enjoy a Chinese tomorrow night without going over 50 syns! Chinese I have is usually 20 or so! But me being me, couldn't...
  109. W


    Im wondering if anyone could tell me how many syns there are in a can of Duff Beer?
  110. E

    Muller Lights

  111. G

    Extra Easy Gemma's Diary

    Hi everyone, so tonight I decided to start slimming world again, after picking up the magazine recently and loving all of the recipes. So tomorrow is Tuesday 29 March, I'm aiming to lose 40 lbs, no rush just steady losses is my aim. The plan for tomorrows eating is; Breakfast - County crips...
  112. OzSlimmer

    Help calculating syns for Australian Products

    Hello. I've been doing slimming world for a long time. I'm confident with it and know syn values off the top of my head but I recently moved to Australia and am a little lost. I'm struggling with finding syn values of certain things as because they are Australian they do not appear on the app...
  113. Loubie-Lou

    Tesco fresh chicken soup

    The Tesco fresh chicken & vegetable soup is only fresh ingredients. Is this a free extra b please or how many syns do you think? Need to be careful, put on 4lbs over night...not happened since October!!!_*
  114. C

    ASDA Good & Balanced Mexican Lime Chipotle Chicken Protein Pot syns please!

    hey guys, i cant find this in the directory - does anyone know the syns please? Typical values (microwaved) Per 100g (microwaved) Per pack Energy 378kJ 1085kJ 90kcal 258kcal Fat 1.5g 4.3g of which saturates 0.2g 0.6g Carbohydrate 6.4g 18g of which sugars 2.8g 8.0g Fibre 3.3g 9.5g Protein 11g...
  115. S

    Asda Family Hunters Chicken

    Good Afternoon I am new to slimming world and just wondered if anyone knew how many syns is in Asda's Family Hunters Chicken? It has 4 portions so per portion would be helpful. Thankyou
  116. NikolaLuigi

    Hartley Jelly

    So I just read somewhere that the Hartley sugar free jellies that are ready made are free, but the ones in the sachets are 1.5 syns?!?! Is this true? I love jelly and have been treating it as free!
  117. C

    ASDA Good & Balanced Chicken & Kale Protein Pot syns please

    Hi guys, does anyone know the syn value for this item? cant find it in the food directory ASDA Good & Balanced Chicken & Kale Protein Pot Nutritional Values Typical values (microwaved) Per 100g (microwaved) Per pack Energy 322kJ 961kJ 77kcal 229kcal Fat 2.6g 7.7g of which saturates 1.1g 3.4g...
  118. A

    How many syns in Co-Op Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad?

    I popped in to Co-Op today for my lunch break and bought their Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad from the meal deal section. It has noodles, chicken pieces, sugar snap peas, grated carrot, some kind of bean (can't remember which one) and a bit of pepper as well as a sweet chilli sauce that comes...
  119. NikolaLuigi


    Help! How many Syns are in the following types of butter? 20g Morrisons Salted Butter 20g Anchor Spreadable 20g Anchor Spreadable Light 20g Clover Thank you in advance!
  120. NikolaLuigi


    Hi Can anyone tell me how many Syns are in 10g of Hellmanns Extra Light Mayo? Thank you in advance!
  121. S

    Syn values on Iceland meat joints?

    are the turkey and chicken joints syn free from Iceland? Also they do a gammon with honey glaze is this syn free? Thank you
  122. Adcro

    Easter eggs?!

    I'm doing really well on Slimming World but Easter Eggs are everywhere, including at work as I work at Iceland! THE TEMPTATION!! GAAAAH! The app doesn't list Easter Eggs, and if I search Google, I just seem to get that same "Easter treats under 10 syns!" thing. Does anyone know anything...
  123. C

    ASDA World Favourites Pepperoni Chicken Melt Syns please?

    Just wondering what they syns would be in this , as chicken would be a free food i cant work it out using the 20 cals to one syn rule. this is the nutritional values for 100g Typical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g Energy 486kJ 116kcal Fat 3.7g of which saturates 1.4g Carbohydrate 3.3g of which...
  124. C

    ASDA Classic Favourites Cod with Cheese Sauce syn value please?

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows the syn value for asda classic favourites cod with cheese sauce. here is the nutritional values: Typical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g Energy 386kJ 92kcal Fat 2.9g of which saturates 1.8g Carbohydrate 1.0g of which sugars <0.5g Fibre 0.8g Protein 15g Salt...
  125. K

    M&S smokehouse bbq beef brisket

    Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me the syn value for the M&S The Gril Smokehouse BBQ Brisket please? I've just had a bit with my dinner but can't find the syns anywhere! Tia xx
  126. B

    Extra Easy Syns in tesco finest filled pasta

    Hi, can someone please tell me the Syns value for tesco finest pea & smoked pancetta ravioli? Got some as a treat for my tea and would like to know how bad I'm being! Per portion it's 379 calories, (in 185g) with 12.4g fat, 4.3g of which are saturates, 48.3g carbs, 6.5g fibre and 15.4g protein...
  127. Razzyb

    Slimming World friendly restaurants

    Good evening, just wondering if there is any Slimming World friendly restaurants in the London or Kent areas? I want to take my Gf out for a proper meal without her worrying or feeling guilty about Syns. I've had a good Google with no luck :( Thanks.
  128. D

    2 Syn Mug Cake!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to minimins so I'm still figuring out how everything works, but I thought I'd share a 2 syn mug cake that I made tonight that was delicious! Ingredients 1 options belgian chocolate sachet 2 eggs 2.5 tablespoons of sweetener 1 teaspoon of choc shot Method Mix it all...
  129. N

    Binge Guilt

    I've been doing SW for a year, lost two stone and it's great. I had to study abroad for 3 months and came home for Christmas. Went back to group in January and only gained a pound after my time away and Christmas eating! My problem is in the four weeks since I've been back I only lost weight at...
  130. Lauren.B

    Extra Easy Chips!!!

    I went out to my local pub last night for dinner and I had chips with my mixed grill, I don't know how much to syn them at and I don't really want to estimate the number. Does anyone have any suggestion? It was a Marston's pub if this helps! I feel a lot better with someone else estimating...
  131. nhsscientist

    Co-operative thai red coconut chicken curry syns

    I have a really old slimming world plan and don't have access to check syns. Could someone be as kind to tell me the syns on the Co-operative thai red chicken curry for EE which has 36% boiled rice (free) and 21% chicken breast (free) 6% red pepper (free). I'm guessing these can be deducted...
  132. I

    Eatin Out Wetherspoons sons

    I'm sure this has been covered. I have searched but can't find the right answer. I've looked at syns online but annoyingly it just tells me my search is too broad. Does anyone have the actual syn value for the chicken skewers? I wondered if it was in the eating out guide.. Thanks in advance
  133. H

    smoked chicken syns

    Hi I've just joined this site after finding all info on here regarding syns! Can anybody tell me if half of a smoked chicken with no sauces etc has any syns on the ee plan? I'm going out for a meal and that seems the only SW friendly option...hopefully!! Thankyou
  134. Mini

    Extra Easy SW Quick Filter

    Pierce has added a Slimming World filter to make it easier to find posts related to the prefixes on a thread. What this means is if you tap on a prefix you will get all threads with that prefix. So if you are looking for Extra Easy threads, just tap on an Extra Easy Prefix and you will get a...
  135. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...