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help! - can I eat TOO MUCH zero point soup?


Skinny on the inside
Hi All,

I'm floored with a horrible cold and don't feel like cooking so I made a huge pot of zero point soup yesterday.
I have the afternoon off work and already ate 2 big bowls of it....and will probably have another later!
I'm just wondering if eating so much of what is just veg and stock cubes eventually adds up point wise. And how many points would it be???
I've had about 6 points from other food so far but other than that just a soup 'binge'
I'm worried that I'm consuming lots of points without realising it!:eek:
Anyone any ideas about this?:confused:
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
you wont be going over your points but its the people who eat their points AND binge on zero point soup who will eventually put on weight.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
if u think of it like this.....most bought soups contain double cream....and are about 120 calories per portion so a person only eating soup would have to eat over 20 portions to actually go over 2000 calories and put on weight.
I wouldn't worry chick, esp. whilst you aint well - the extra nutrients from the veggies will help you get better! I try not to eat too much 0pt soup, and will generally have it for lunch on a day when I know I will be having a 'treat' night nibbling on sweeties whilst I'm watching a movie... or if I am having quite a high point meal which is sadly quite a small portion, like pasta, I will have some 0pt soup as a starter :)


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
To be fair - you'd probably get sick of soup long before you ate enough for it to have a negative impact on your weight loss.
i really need to make some 0 point soup i wouldnt worry hun im sure i cant be doing any harm


Skinny on the inside
Thanks everyone. I've taken today off work as I'm feeling totally rubbish! At least I don't need to worry about points now....although the soup is so healthy and i'm feeling so sorry for myself that the only other thing i want to eat is chocolate! At least I can have some without any guilt now :)

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