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HELP cant stop buying new clothes !

G: 12st0lb
Well its only a tongue in cheek cry for help really , because I love having lots of new clothes , but its a nightmare trying to decide what to wear , just took me hours to pack for my weekend away with OH for our wedding anniversary.
and its a nightmare for the bank balance , but hey I only bought stuff on a strictly need to basis before when I found shopping for size 22 a humiliating and depressing horror , dont even get me started on Evans (rip off merchants!).
I now have a wardrobe of newly aquired size 14's ( I know thats not tiny but I am 5 foot 8, ) and I am loving it !. I just got to stop myself buying everything thats fits and looks good, becuase I cant get my head around the fact that everything looks great when youa re slimmer than you ever dreamed you could be, becuase before if it fit and looked halfway decent I had to buy it because nice big clothes are soo hard to find. Boots are next (hubby having a heart attack with all the spending) because I tried on last years and they are flapping about like wellies and they were skin tight last time I wore them, YiPEEEE!! hated not being able to get boots wide enough for the old thunder calfs.
Anyway , I am so inspired by my new look that I decided it was time to get rid of the long frizzy mane that I used to hide my moon face behind, becuase I now realise that I actually have a long face not a round one.
So went for the chop , a nice short bob at the nape of my neck tapering longer to the front , (think Michelle from Corrie before she had it cut even shorter into the Jerrys helmet she has now!)

Sorry for the rant , (and bragging ) but just had to share and say to anyone who is struggling , JUST KEEP GOING ITS BL>>>>DY |WORTH IT! becuase some times I think we lose track of what it will mean when we get there ,when the road is so hard. I know I did, so much so that its almost come as a surprise that yeah I actaully look pretty darn good!"

Promise I will get my son to put some piccies on soon
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G: 12st0lb
Hiya DAncing thanks for that , Our start and finish BMI's are almopst identicle so I suppose you could say I have been exactly where you are and you are in a for the ride of your life believe me !
Soon be you on here with an empty bank account , but a full wardrobe of gorgeous clothes!
That's a brilliant post HCW - great to hear that my shopping is going to get even worse ... thought it was bad enough now :)

Have a brilliant weekend, hope you both have a Happy Anniversary!
G: 12st0lb
Thanks Cath,
You will be unstoppable , when more than a Radley fits ! LOL ( I have about 7 Radley Bags, I think I used to buy them to cheer me up when I couldnt find anything nice to wear , a Radley Handbag always looks great !
G: 12st0lb
Dancing , Yes I am sure you can do it you are through the worst now.
I started Lighter Life on March 22nd 2007 and lost 4 stone 4 lb in 100 days , then went over to Cambridge and have lost another 1 stone 9 lbs doing 790, bit slower but I was ready for some nosh after SS ing for 3 months. If I had kept it up I would have been there now (need to lose another stone really) I am not too bothered about how long it takes now, more concerned with learning how to balance having a social life with staying slim, difficult. but so far so good.
Good Luck


Strong women stay slim
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Must feel great looking in the mirror to see yes it looks good on me , and also lots more fashion , different shops that you think i can buy something in here that is going to look good , and even walk past a mirror without rushing past it lol . Thats really good , you brag girl !
Also a hair cut finishes the job off ! to a new you


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aww thats fab, and I know the feeling, I was never a shopaholic, but now I cant stop myself, I go away next weekend and I keep go through outfits in my head then realising maybe it would look better with....... and go buying again.

its sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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