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HELP - cant stop eating!!!

Could you make up some syn free foods to snack on? Or low syn dips and carrots?

Alternatively, you could just carry on as you are and not worry too much as it's Christmas and only once a year.

Good luck :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
try having a bit SW "fry-up" then snack on yogurts and fruit inbetween meals. have a hearty lunch and dinner and endless supply of syn free snacks. use your syns at night on something leftover from xmas so you don't feel like you're missing out.

i've yet to get back on plan and i've got weigh-on on wednesday too! *gulp* ...however, it is once a year and i'm ok about having a gain at christmas. hopefully class will re-motivate your mind to get back on 100%.
Get movin'

If you can't control your eating at the moment then turn it around and do some strenuous exercise, that way at least your hunger is earned and not just from boredom (which it likely is). Walk, jog, swim, go to the gym...or all of the above. You should already be doing a good hour of strenuous exercise every day (providing your doctor has ok'd it) if you are serious about losing weight. So get yourself motivated and get movin'!
I was exactly the same, the last few days i have been cramming down loads and loads and i have had my punishment for it. Since last night i have the most horrific indigestion and still have it. My tummy and chest feel like it is on fire so i am now going back on plan. Also when i have my weak moments when i cant stop eating i think about the weight i have lost so far (not much but atleast its a loss) and that tends to steer me away from over eating x


One day at a time
Well I've just had my weigh in and I've put on a rather hefty 6lbs but you know the relief of facing it has been huge and I'm okay with it all again now. Mad or what?!

I've been dreading the weigh in because I was eating way more than I needed but facing up to it completely calmed me down and now I'm ready to go back to optimising with new vigour.

The worst is when you choose not to weigh in. Oooh been down that road of doom in the past. :(
If you can't stop eating, just try and make sure you are eating within plan, so choose from free foods but don't worry about how much. Your brain should then start telling you you are in control and you shoudl find that you naturally start to eat less.
Me neither! My tummy hurts cos am eating for the sake of it even if it is mainly s.world I still don't like the feeling!

Good tip though Maximus and I am going to wrap up and drag hubby and my own arse out for a walk!

A word of warning! - yesterday with my local rambling group I did my 3rd consecutive 6 mile walk in 3 days. As it was the ramblers, it was over hills, fields, marshland etc. my legs are killing me today - hamstrings so tight they feel like they may snap!

Todays walk will be tonight! extra recovery time required.

A timely remember NOT to overdo it;)


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