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Help cant stop picking!!!!


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Help please, I cant seem to stop picking am doing SS in my 5 week, but have decided not to do AAM this week as my losses have been small.

When I say picking, it is just a slice of ham here and there which is all of 15 per slice and no carbs!!!

I find it really hard when cooking and dishing out everybodys tea:cry:I find myself testing the food!!!! Its only small amounts. I know this is slowing my losses down, but cant understand why it would make them so small as the calorie reduction over the week is huge in comparison to what I would normally have consumed and the calories in taking in now would still give me a decent loss even with the od picking session.

Anybody got any idea, other than of course the family starving (ie not cook them anything) sorry cant trust OH to cook tea as kids would prob end up with food poisioning:eek:

One thing I will say is im not beating myself up about it, IE im not cheating im choosing to eat, but wish I could resist. Once ive had a bit, I dont go the full hog, I do stop.


Any help greatly received.:sigh::sigh:
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Lenwie

Ok everytime you are going to nibble then please please drink a large glass of water, and then wait ten minutes, if you then decide you really want it then have it but you'll find that you want to be slim more!

Water is the key to this mad diet



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Thanks Ice moose, sad to say im already doing that, as well as having black coffee & peppermint tea, my poor bladder is gonna burst. :eek:

I know!!!! I just need to give myself a kick, I know im doing it, so must make myself stop. Only I can do it.;)


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I know that you say you cant trust your OH to cook, could you enlist their support and get them in the kitchen when you are dishing up and ask them to stop you nibbling

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