Help! Can't Stop Thinking About...

1) If you eat the chocolate - how long will the pleasure last?

2) After you've eaten it, how will you feel?

3) How long with this feeling last?

4) Is the answer to question one worth the consequences and answers of questions two and three?

If it is worth it then eat the chocolate if not then don't eat the chocolate. As with all cravings, the feeling will pass if you ignore it.....
I'll second Karen with that - good advice.
Thanks Guys

Needed to be reminded of that - it is rubbish and only a short lasting pleasure that I will feel depressed about later if I eat it.

Drinking tea and water has helped a bit, I have been fine about not eating chocolate for the last couple of weeks - but that caught me off guard...

Phew crisis over.

Thanks again xxx Hugs xxx xxx xxx
Generally Breakfast is either:

Porridge with Fruit
Toast with Marmite or Extra Light Laughing cow cheese triangles (when I'm up late or in a hurry)
Toast with mushrooms and grilled or plum tomato

Lunch is:

usually something with a small amount of rice and lots of veggies (low fat curry)
Soup and piece of bread

Dinner: Absoutely loads of variety here!

Quorn Chilli with mushrooms, onions, peas mixed in rice (small portion!)
Quorn Sausage paella - with loads of veg
Quinoa Burgers with mushroom and Onion
Lentil Bake
I can also simply have chicken/quorn with a couple of new pots and loads of veg!

Its great because it is soo flexible...

Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ooooo sounds good, is it easy to follow? never really looked at GI, but seems to be quite fashionable these days!
I think the Gi diet is good for those who always feel hungry and if you are happy for weightloss to occur gently (in three weeks I have lost 7 pounds). I do think it is very easy to follow and it is worth checking these books if you are interested:

Gi Diet
Green Light Recipes

I see from your ticker that you are only a few pound from your target - the Gi Diet book has a section for losing weight and maintaining...

Anyway I am definitely a Gi Diet adovcate - fashionable or not it is the right way for me!:)