Help-Currently on Lipotrim want to move to Cambridge


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Hi all,

I hope everyone is well.

I started on Lipotrim on 2nd Jan and have lost 12lbs so far.

I am looking to move over to Cambridge, mainly because I know they make readymade shakes which will really fit into my work as when I make my shakes at work they always remain lumpy. Can't use blender as I am an accountant on an office floor with 300 people.

But also becuase I am not really a person who likes sweet stuff, I prefer soups etc and the soup on lipotrim is the worst thing I have ever had.

Bascially I have 2 and half stone left to lose. Would anywone recommend the switch from Lipotrim to Cambridge??
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It sounds like you have some good reasons to switch! I love the ready made packs for work because they are quite discreet and I don't like telling people about the diet. I've not tried the soups but my OH likes them. Maybe you should give it a try :) As far as I know, they are pretty similar diets.


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I know a lot of people have made the move for similar reasons that you have. Also LT is supervised much better; my local GP has a big issue with LT and will not sign consents for it as they have had some users become quite ill. Although it is supposed to be supervised by a pharmacist it seems it is the sales assistant who does it and you never see the pharmacist at all.

Personally I use the pre-made shakes for "emergency" use only as I like making my shakes up to 500-600mls but they are very tasty. The soups depend on your taste buds like anything but they do tend to be more popular than the LT ones so go for it I say :D

BTW I find the Tupperware shaker quite good... I know there are various types on the market.... I find that if I mix initially with a small amount of water it gives more space for breaking up the lumps in the shaker.... just an idea to give you more flexibility.
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hi raring,
when i began my weightloss journey i began on lipotrim. i was on it for 6 weeks before moving over to cambridge and i can honestly say it was the best decision i made by far.
I have nothing against lipotrim whatsoever but cambridge is far more convenient and because of this and the added benefit of the water flavours, bars, and many more flavours, i have always found it much easier to stick to.
I used to get my lipotrim from the pharmacy and the service there was very quick and unpersonal , not to mention that the pharmacy i used to go to weighed me in the shop itself, just to the left of the counter and although nobody could see the scales the assistant was a little LOUD announcing not only my weight loss but my actual weight. i dont think i could have stuck it out much more. it was very embarrassing. with cambridge it is a much more personal and confidential service offered and the councillors are in general very good and supportive.
i hope this helps u make the right decision in ur personal situation and whatever u decide i wish u every success in ur weight loss journey :)


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Hi Raringtogo --

I have not tried Lipotrim, but used LL for my first ever VLCD in 2008 (and got to goal, stayed there a bit, and then started regaining). I am now using CD to relose the 2.5 stone I gained back.

Initally, I bought CD from the US because I can get soy based products called Food For Life. I quite liked the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes. I was not a huge fan of the soups. But, the choices are limited and going it on my own (no consultant) led me to faff about... lose a few, stop, gain it back... vicious cycle.

So, in order to gain access to all the products I have seen discussed on this forum (and there are more choices than with LL) -- and to have some sort of accountibility --- I contacted a CDC. The fist one was a bust... so, I contacted another. I quite like her and love a lot of the UK CD products.

The tetras are handy, I love the Oriental Soup, Chicken and Mushroom, Choc orange and Choc mint shakes, and butterscotch is good, too. I hated the porridge (texture thing) and the bars made me ill (matitol disagree with me).

Anyway, I am not losing fast -- but I am losing. I also like being able to make a shake into a mousse with the Mix-a-mousse: tasty and filling.

It is worth a try -- you could always go back to LT.

Hi , I did LT for 5 months before I discovered CD !! I could only just stomach the choc shake and the soup and flapjacks were the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth !!

I am not too keen on the CD soups , but comapred to the LT one they are amazing !!! I find the products on CD much better and it is far more convienient and you get more support , but I found the LT shakes more filling .

Out of the 2 though I would definatley recommend CD , hope the switch goes well for you :)