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Help do I or dont I

Hello everyone

Need your help please. I lost the wonderful grand total of 8.5 stone, 4 on my own and the last 4.5 with SW. Now after 2 years of up and down I've gained back 1.5 stone. Do I bite the bullet and re-join SW on Thursday??

I'm scared I will be 4 stone heavier if I do not do something but I feel a twit going back.

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Hi Mrs H!

You've done a fantastic job so far - it'd be a shame to let it slip! I know exactly what you mean though! I'm useless doing it on my own - I need to know I have to face an "audience" once a week otherwise it all slips!

Go on..... bite the bullet and join - you'll feel so much better for doing it - it will be a nice fresh start! let me know what you decide to do.

Thanks loopy, I know I should but I think I 'know it all' but the sad fact is I dont!! Why cant there but an easy route!!!


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Hi there mrs H!

Simple answer is YES!!!! Get your bum down to that class and bite the bullet. Imagine how you would feel if you didnt and you gained more besides. No need to feel silly, it must happen a lot, the bravest and most sensible thing is to do the damage limitation thing and deal with the gain before it gets out of hand. No one would think any less of you and if they did let me know and I will duff em up!!! hehee!


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Exactly!! You know you can do it, and you don't want all that hard work to go to waste - get thee to class!!! :cool: And just think what an inspiration you'll be to all those people just starting out :clap:
I'm liking you lot!! I'm going back unfortunately by myself but I've never been shy. I have decided to start following the diet tomorrow otherwise I will go totally off the rails until Thursday.

My problem has been week-ends, good Monday - Thursday then eating and drinking my body weight in calories at the week-end. Anyway wish me luck I look forward to start losing weight again.


The Diet Guy
Of course you can go back!! I am sure you won't be the first to go back and maintaining weight is a life time struggle (unfortunately!) and hence your class leader will be pleased to welcome you back and you are proof that the diet works.



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Hiya MrsH

I have been going to SW for 10 weeks now and in that time we have welcomed back 4 people who have been there before but left and have decided to return. All four of them got a round of applause and a welcome return which I am sure you will get if you decide to rejoin.


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ahhh hun! u definately ought to go back. i cannot imagine anyone evil enuff to snigger about u gaining a tiny bit, especially as they r all there for the same goal. anyways, u lost 8.5st!!! 1.5st gain is so itsy in comparison. most people wh lose a lot of weight often go way beyond that small gain and put most of their weight back on b4 they face sorting it out again. i think its great u have stopped urself so quick and im sure ur SW leader will be chuffed to see u again xxx


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Absolutely. You did right at stopping the gain so quickly and jumping back on the band wagon. If you look at my ticker, you'll see that despite maintaining for three years, I came acropper when I quit smoking in February, and am still struggling to get rid of the excess.

But at least it's a small excess and I didn't regain the whole shebang, and nor have you, so you have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

I would just suggest, as you near target, to spend some time thinking on how you intend to maintain. I'm in the office Mon to Fri, so found sticking pretty strictly to my healthy eating diet plan those days was easy to continue. Then Saturday I'd have perhaps one treat (some bread maybe), and Sunday I'd eat anything (and often "everything" too!), but it all evened out over the week and my Friday weigh ins were stable. This is known as the 80 / 20 method and is a good way of maintaining I found.

Good luck!


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any diet i have ever done i have regained it ALL and then even more besides! cant describe the self hatred that goes along with such self neglect! well done to both of u, maintainer and mrs h for not doing that whole denial thing :D xxx
Thanks Karen and maintainer.

I must admit I'm an 'all or nothing' kind of girl, once my so called diet head is on I'm the greatest diet girl in the world however when I'm bad, I'm just evil when it comes to food!!

I've now wrote my menu for the next 3 days and I'm going to enjoy a creamy pasta meal tonight as tomorrow it begins.

I wish I was going to a class tonight but Thursday night I find so much easier so I’m sticking to that class. I know myself I'm not the biggest loser (if you know what I mean) in the world but I am not that 18 stone girl I used to be so target should be easier this time round (I hope).

If it's any consolation to any of you, I've been a size 24 and 18 stone and I've been 9.7 and a size 10 and nothing tastes as good as wearing a size 10. I wish you all the very best.

I'm now going to also bite the bullet and weigh myself tomorrow morning which I've been avoiding for a few weeks so tomorrow is a brand new day. After I’ve stop crying I will let you know what my starting point is.:cry:

Love & hugs:D



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Brill decision Christine! Now is the time to get back on track and lose the weight before it becomes too much! Good luck for your re-start hun.
I must admit I'm an 'all or nothing' kind of girl, once my so called diet head is on I'm the greatest diet girl in the world however when I'm bad, I'm just evil when it comes to food!!
Christine - you could have been writing about me when you wrote the above x