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Help! Feelin down and REALLY want food!


Loooooves MiniMins
But you are and you have done sooo well and if you can resist the Chippie you can resist anything. Dig deep you can do this, glug some water have a hot drink and I promise the feeling will pass.



Loooooves MiniMins
I suppose this is when you realise what bad trends need to be broken - feel down = FOOD! Glugging water like you say and staying on ehre till it passes.
Good for you Nessie it's all about finding other things to lift our spirits rather than food HUGS for you!

ahh nessie . i know how you feel. i have just come back from my gp and my referal to the gynaecologist is done with an appointment for 3 weeks time , get me on the list for hysterectomy (im 36) . the gp though has made me very very sore and pain has increased again . i could as they say eat a scabby monkey... had a banana shake, but i am feeling hungry.
chippy chips have such a grreat smell but think of all the fat they are cooked in , the same fat thats melting from you right now as you continue with the diet. we can do this nessie. chin up chick we will get thru and be slim .
sending hugs


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
AWw Sue and Nessie you poor things, I hope you feel a bit better soon.......and those chips are cooked in FAT that has been used several times over lol.......hot drink, and water will do you so much better..

Stick with girlies and you will get there...

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