Help - Feeling shaky! SS Week 1 Day 3

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  1. bintie22

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    I'm a newbie here. I started CD for the first time on Friday (last proper food on Thurs), have been feeling ok so far, bit headachey but nothing i can't handle.

    I've stuck 100% to my 3 packs a day. I've woken up feeling a bit nauseous and almost shaky this morning. I've got a REALLY busy day at work today. I own an outdoor cafe and do the cooking, and we've got blazing sunshine and I know we're going to be rammed. My husband keeps telling me to eat something proper as he doesn't think i'll get through the day without, I'm a bit nervous myself but dont want to eat something as I feel it'd take me back to step one. I don't want to text my consultant yet as she's not very well and it's early on a sunday. Any advice really welcome!

    Thank you!
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  3. Tiggemma

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    If you have a very busy day consider an ss+ or step 2 meal to get you through. It won't break ketosis and will have no effect on your losses. Basically protein and veg. You're shaky because the last of the carbs in your muscles have been used and your body is looking for any other fuel source. If you're really busy I would have something just avoid the reintroduction of carbs as that will take you back to step 1. Have a look on the app for ideas of what you can have but if in doubt go with a chicken salad.
  4. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Thank you ever so much for the advice, I got through the day! :)
  5. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Well done on getting through the day! It's hard sometimes but there's always a way!!!

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