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Help finding a CDC please

Hiya :),im not new to CD and used to see Louise and Ann in derby (lost 5 stone and no not gained any back lol),id like to see Ann again but due to not driving and dh work hours changing im not sure about getting to see her:(.

I have called the free phone number and was told that the closest cdc to me is notts or Ripley:confused:, well im Derby so there not close!!. I also know there are at 4 CDC'S in Derby (on there website but to far away ) and one i love and used to see (Ann), and somone i used to talk to went to see somone in Chaddesden, Breadsall hilltop or oakwood area but i cant get hold of her

I explained this to her but was told she can only give me what she has on her screen:confused::confused:(kind of amused her screen is different to the web site ?).

So does anyone know of any cdc's in Derby but specifically chadd, Oakwood or Breadsall as there in walking distance to me.

I really need to re start as im starting ivf in oct and need my bmi down to 30 (although im private!!) for it to go ahead ,So im desperate and only had the results today so its short notice but not threw any fault of my own lol:(

If not im going to have to hope Ann can see me and try and work round my dh work. But it would be easier for me to see someone close to me.

Hope somone can help

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yep it is .

and iv contacted her not heard back yet .and would not want her to come see me she is busy enough lol, im already a big pain in the but lol :)
thank you :).

she is lovely but i know from experience takes a while to get emails back, but like i said she is busy ,will try call her again tomorrow

i would prefer to keep seeing her but just dont want to muck her about with appointments so if there was somone nearer i could guarantee id make my appointment
thank you ill try :),

its just a bit annoying as i know there is one not far from me?. but the person on the phone was not any help ,and for some reason gave me councillors that are not even in derby and when i asked why she just said to call one of them and ask:confused:.

like i said even the site has derby councillors on it but there not all on there ,and if the phone number is useless for help how else do i find out lol
The freefone number is a Call Centre. Might be worth trying again you could get somebody else more helpful.

Maybe the one you are thinking of is on holiday if so they will have come of referrals thats a possibility.
ahh could be did not think of that ?:)

but still doesn't explain the missing derby cdc's of which i know there are a few lol, including Ann and she is not on holls:confused:

she was really bad on the phone and just got stroppy when i said i knew there were cdc'd in derby and even the website i had up in front of me had a good few of them on there :confused:.she just kept saying she could only go by the information i gave her and what the computer said. she only used half my postcode i know when i called before they used it all and gave me two cdc's near me, and a few others in derby and were lovely so cant figure out why it would change to Ripley and notts cdc's only .

its just bugging me as i know there is one near me but cant find out where :):confused:
:) i took your advise and called again and got a lovely person :).

who took my full postcode and gave me the ladies contact number and she is at derwent heights like i thought lol .

shame its to late to call so ill give her a bell tomorrow morning ,id hate to be phoned in the evening and dont like to be a pain.

hopefully she can fit me in or she is not on holls, as like i said i start ivf soon and to be honest although im happy with my weight its the only diet i seem to be able to lose weight on. and im desperate to start my ivf and my clock is ticking on this one:( i can not leave it to long so cd will give quick results.

dont you just love biology when you dont want it to work it does when you need it to work it dont:(. and now im stressing i wont be able to get to see a cdc and the longer i wait the worse it is for me :(.

oopps sorry rambling but had a really bad day :)
Lots of CDC's work evenings, its not too late to call. If she cannot take your call there should be an answerphone on.

Strike while the Iron's hot and you are ready to start
no ill call tomorrow after 9 ,honestly im such a wimp at work ill use the phone non stop and love answering it but at home i become a hermit and hate the contraption that is phone lol

and id feel bad calling after 8 so ill call after 9 tomorrow and ill let you know how i get on ,fingers crossed she can fit me in :)
well cant see her:(, she is not doing cd at the moment and away at the end of the month for four weeks.

so iv got to hope i can see Ann and that i can work round my dh work ,
ohh forgot to update lol

im starting cd next tue with Ann should of just stuck with who i know lol ill work round appointment's

now all iv got to do is get my head around doing cd again :rolleyes: