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Help! First week and +1lb????

have you been on a low calorie diet befor you started did you drink a lot of water due to the heat before weigh in, if not then post your diarys in the right section here and pop a link in this thread also see the thread a few down sombody else had a gain in the first week


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if you have come from a VLCD that can cause a shift in your metabolism, and this can cause a gain in your first 2/3 weeks, once your body understands it is going to be fine, have normal food again it will stop your body storing the fat, and you will start to lose weight again.

Maybe post your food diary on here (there is a seperate section for this) and we can all have a look and give you any pointers if you need them!

xxx Good luck, i can imagine you are feeling bemused and upset - but stick with SW! its the best!!! xxx
Thanks, i will keep with it i was just really disappointed after hearing about everyones super weight loses the first week. I thought i was going to get a good kick start too. Its my * week, would that have made a difference on the first week?


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Oh yes, * week can totally change your results - most people gain or maintain due to water retention on * week!

I bet you lose LOADS next week hunnie! good luck! xxx
Hi jojo148,
I joined SW last week and the exact thing has happened to me, I weighed in last night and was 0.5lb up! I was the only member who gained and I felt like a leper. However I am keeping the faith and will strive for a better result on Tuesday.
Good luck next week :)
Ahhhh good old * week, that will do it every single time

Keep at it, it will happen if you are following plan correctly

Good luck xxxx


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i put on 5lb on * week, and lost 8lb the following week! stick with it! x


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Don't give up!!! It's just a readjustment period combined with * week. You'll reap the rewards soon xx
Aww I was exactly the same last week which was my first week too. I put on 1lb :( Was gutted. It was also my * week so that didnt help. I'm going tonight so fingers crossed I've lost xxx

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