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Help! - foodpacks

Hi all, i went to my first meeting on Friday & started LL yesterday (Sat) most of my food packs are soups as i thought i'd prefer these !! as i'm not really into fruit shakes ! well chicken makes me gag :eek:! mushroom okissh! Thai chill ok ! does the taste get any better as time goes on? any suggustions would be helpful.
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You kinda get used to the tastes and will eventually look forward to having one of them. I don't like fruit/choc shakes but loved vanilla, blended with ice cubes. As for the soups I like thai chilli and veg. If your really struggling it may be because the taste is too strong, you could try adding extra water when making them up.
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I found if they were too thick they were unpleasant. I mixed them with 400ml water, added lots of black pepper and tabasco and salt.

I quite liked the taste of all the soups. I mean, yeah, not as good as proper Soup of course, but its not meant to be- its just meant to be nicely palatable to give us our nutrients - but not so tasty that we focus on how gooooood something tastes, ya know? Its nutrition.

You can also combine flavours for different tastes - half chicken and chili for example.

Try not to look at it as food - but as your essential nutrients....and hopefully that will help.

Also, just try convincing yourself they are not that bad. The mind is really susceptible to powers of suggestion. :)
I'm not mad keen on the soups but do like the new vegetable! I only ever make the chicken into crisps which I have every day. They taste like walker's sensations - well, that's what I tell myself! Have a look at the unofficial recepie thread and it'll tell you how to make them. And muffins too!
Thank you all for the advice

Thank you all for the advice, really helpful, Bronte x
Stick to a few you like

Hi Bronte
BL is right (as usual).
The first time I tried the chicken it made me feel sick too.
Each of us gets into a different routine.
I like vanilla for breakfast. Luke warm.I don't like it cold,if it's too hot the flavour changes.Warm - yummy.
I have thai chilli at lunch and supper time, very hot with Jalapeno tabasco and salt added.
Hot chocolate with sweeteners in the evening - fab.
Don't think of them as food.You are abstaining. They are just a vehicle for the stuff to keep you feeling healthy and not hungry. It works.
P.S.I hated all the bars, but love the water flavourings and they keep the constipatioon away for me.
Just find out what suits you and stick to it.
Good luck. Keep the water up.:coffee:
hi bronte, its trial and error with the foodpacks, i have banana for breakfast , thai chilli for lunch and a strawberry and peanut bar in the evening, everyday. these are the only flavours i like.
all the very best with the diet it is fantastic and does get much easier, i felt pretty ropey the first couple of weeks but now in my 10th week and its become a habit now.

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My LLC said to try the packs you didn't like again further down the line as your tastes will change - sorry, still don't like thai chilli or chocolate. Tend to stick to strawberry, vanilla and banana shakes and mushroom, chicken and new improved flavour veg soup! also love cranberry bars and don't mind a peanut one now and again. Only the vanilla and veg I really lokk forward to. But the point is this is not food - I've been told that if there was a way to get all nutrients into a pill, LL would do that instead! Think how exciting that would be!!

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