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Help, gall bladder pain :-(


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Today I am:cry:

I did CD in 2007 for almost 2 months, but then I was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be problems with my gall bladder. The doctors insisted I come off CD immediately and not knowing any better I did.

I then fell pregnant with my lovely little boy, had him last June and started CD 4 weeks ago after I had finished breastfeeding him

And now here I am, 4 weeks on, diet going well and in agony with my gall bladder:cry:

I convinced myself last time that it wasn't the diet that caused it, that I'd be ok this time:cry:

Now I don't know what to do:sigh: I know the problem is underlaying and that it's not the diet causing the problem.....but it does seem to trigger it off

I can't cope with being in this much pain, I have small children to look after as well as working nights. BUT I want to do this diet so badly, I NEED to do it

Has anyone been through this? does anyone have any advice?

Sorry for such a downer of a post:eek:
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Yep. Go see the doc. If you are in lots of pain, go to A&E. Morphine rocks ;)

Hope you get it sorted soon. Gallbladder pain is horrendous. :hug99:


Is determined and focused
Thanks guys:hug99:

I will go and see my gp as soon as I can get an appointment, but he'll tell me to stop CD straight away:(

I know I'll have to follow the advice I'm given, but the thought of not being able to do CD terrifies me, I just don't think I can get the weight off any other way and my weight is now at a point where it is going to start making me ill:cry:

Whoops sorry went off into a self-pitying rant again:eek:
Hi there

I have had to get my gallbladder removed. They do say that very restrictive diets do not help. I feel for you as you just want to get on with the diet. My suggestion would be to see your GP about having the op to remove the gallstones as I am guessing this is why you are having the pain. Otherwise it is likely to keep causing you problems which is what happened with me!!! Then you can go on CD without worrying about it.

PS but it is really important you go to GP or A&E if it is really bad pain.

Take care

Sharon xxx
PS just read your other post, crossed with me sending one to you- Maybe you could try Rosemary Conley or something as you will still be losing weight - then come back on CD once sorted out.

Let us know how you are getting on.

Sharon xxx
Personally I would go and see my GP and insist that he/she arrange to get that nasty little gallbladder whipped out! I had mine removed last summer because of gallstones so I feel your pain hun! If you have a fair bit of weight to lose then it's not fair that your GP keeps insisting that you come off the diet when all it takes is for them to arrange a consultation with a surgeon for you (they're not allowed to refuse to refer you if you ask)! I think your GP probably doesn't understand CD so feels that it's the easiest scapegoat for your gallbladder problems.
I hope you get it sorted soon hun! xxx
Hi hunni, I had to come off cd in Nov last year and am waiting for an op to remove my gall bladder, I was only 1st away from goal when I had to leave cd but went onto ww and have lost my last st.

Could you not do something like ww until you get your gall bladder sorted?? Then if you wanted to after you have recovered from the op you could then do cd.

I know its not ideal but you must see your gp and get it sorted, health must come 1st hunni, i really feel for you I know how painful it is, cant wait for my op.

Good luck hunni.xxx
If you are having pain in your gallbladder, it's likely because you have stones. If possible, have them ultrasound your gallbladder and shatter the stones, rather than surgically remove the gallbladder. I had my gallbladder out 8 years ago, and I've had constant digestive problems ever since. They say only about 10% of people who have their gallbladders out have this problem, but it doesn't matter if you happen to be one of the unlucky 10%.

Definitely speak to your doctor about it. Quickly! Sometimes gallstones can become life-threatening.

Purple Hugs

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Loved Up ((Hugs)) have posted in our team thread but wanted to send you team hugs here too. x
If you are having pain in your gallbladder, it's likely because you have stones. If possible, have them ultrasound your gallbladder and shatter the stones, rather than surgically remove the gallbladder.
They don't generally do this anymore as it doesn't work long term as the stones just reform after a short amount of time.
My GP actually told me to stay on CD when I was waiting for my op as it was very low fat and it's generally fat intake that set off an attack in people (gallstones are normally caused by a high fat diet over an extended period of time!).

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