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Help Girls - Binge eating why oh why.....

So, my life is pretty good, loving family, good job, stable household, 3 good kids, nothing really to worry about (obviously would like my numbers to come up tomrrow ;)) ..... so why do i binge ???
for the past few weeks, I stick to CD all day and then in the evening, one minute i am thinking about how well i have done and i am not going to cheat, and bang, 4 kit kats, 2 custard creams and a cake bar later (all within 20 minutes!!) so then i am gutted i have blown it, and might as well have a bowl of cereal now :cry::break_diet:
Tomorrow is a new day..... but its not, its groundhog day it all happens again!!

So i decided to come off CD as it must be because food is forbidden, that makes it attractive.......:confused: NOT... coz now i can have it if i want, so i tell myself i am doing Slimming world can have some syns... yea you get it, bang and its full on binge again :cry:

I am not hungry either, I just want to eat it......

How can i stop ???

I am back on CD from tomorrow, I really need to get my mojo back!!

Please help
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Serena A

Can't think of a title
Hey hun

TBH I can't think of an answer as such :eek:

The problem with "how do I stop bingeing" is that it's rarely about simply overeating.

It's kinda like asking "how do I stop feeling sad/angry/whatever?" without us knowing any background as to why you're feeling sad/angry/whatever if that kinda makes sense (btw not asking for background - just trying to illustrate why ultimately only you hold the answer).

This is why in my opinion bingeing is such a toughy to crack - superficially those who have not experienced the problem may attribute it to greed or lack of self control etc when in fact it is often the external manifestation of an underlying issue. That probably sounds more dramatic than it is - not saying you have issues! - just that something is probably triggering you other than "ooh that looks yummy" (or if it is simply "ooh that looks yummy" then it'll help to identify your trigger as that, so you can work out how to deal with it)

Can't really advise other than to say many of us are or have been there and you're not alone - and you'll find as much support here to help you work it out as you want or need xxx.
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Hey serena,
I just been on your thread :D searching for the post about the book your bought by Gillain whats her name, anyway i found it and jsut bought the book from Amazon, I really need to sort myself out.

I know what your saying, I just cant identify a trigger, other than its always between 5.30 - 6.30pm :(
I am also not sure if i am eating to prove i am in control and i can if i want :confused: if that makes sense :sigh:

I am jsut getting pee d off with myself !!



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wannabe, you are so nearly there, dont go off the track now. 17lbs is achievable in a month (especially if its a five week month!). I feel as though i have a mountain to climb with 26lbs but this is the absolute last time i can mentally, physically and financially do this.
C'mon, stick with us and you can do it.


Gone fishing
I know what your saying, I just cant identify a trigger, other than its always between 5.30 - 6.30pm :(
Maybe that's just what it is. The trigger could be the time. I had 'time' triggers.

It is a very complex subject but do get the Gillian Riley book. It's really helpful. Though I don't think it's the total answer, it does help explain some things :hug99:


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No easy answers, but wanted to say I know how it feels and it is upsetting, but stick with it... this is the biggest challenge, sorting the binge issues and not just losing the weight. So many of us on here are fighting this battle, but not everyone faces it or posts about it... maybe we should do, more.

Wondered if you'd thought of losing the last 17lbs on 810... maybe after a few weeks of SS anyway? Bringing in food, but very controlled food that is rarely binge-type food, can help... and get rid of all the foods you like to binge on, meantime. Read through the threads for support & advice, read the book, keep thinking and challenging and asking questions. And good luck.



Is a woman on a mission.
Until you get to goal, is there anyway you can rid the house of all "binge" foods.I have found if it isn't there, I can't eat it, so the urge to munch will pass.
I know you have family, I do too, but I buy any sweets or crisps needed for packed lunch on a daily basis and I only buy enough for that day.
A little extreme but it will help reinforce your willpower.

You have done fabulousy well so far and are not far off goal, so stay focused, dig deep and you will have success. Good luck x x x x Boo


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hi hun don't give in, I exactly the same its when I get in from work about 4:30 - 6:30 until oh is home etc. I've started going to the gym as soon as I get home from work, and it has helped to some extent, maybe you could make yourself busy during this time, or go for a walk or something, to take your mind off food. with me I think it's because it's there and I'm at a lose end,waiting for family to get home.


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Hey wannabe
You have done so well hon and you are so close to getting to your target...
If you find you need to pick around that time why dont you save a bar or a shake for around that time you dont have to have one at breakfast and one at lunch and one at dinner you can have them at the time that is good for you and obviously that is a time you need one.

Stick with it hon your doing so well..... chin up....... Come on here around that time and everyone will help you through xx

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