Help help help! Need to stop eating...


Hi everyone,

I am having serious problems. I cannot seem to stop myself giving in to my cravings. I have been naughty quite a few times recently - it started with having a meal with a friend and has gone through to full on bingeing. I spoke to my counsellor about this and she was really helpful (we did thought records etc). The problem is, when I am starving and craving food, it seems that nothing can stop me having it. I was wandering if you guys could give me any really effective techniques/ one-liners to keep in my head so that I can stop myself giving in and get back on track. I have lost 2 stone, but am not even quite half way there yet and so need to get back down to things properly. Pleeeeeeeease help. Thank you, xx
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How far in to LL are you. Apparently the danger zones are 3 weeks and 10 weeks. I've just done 100 days and its harder than ever before, i'm desp. but still not cheating. Tho i so want to..............



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Hi Jodie,

You have got to get your focus back on why you want to lose weight and remember how you felt when you had all your weight on.:(

Write down how you use to feel and write down goals for the future. Some long term and some mini ones that will get you through the day.

"Keep your eye on the prize"

"Nothing feels as good as slim does"

"I can and I will"

"One day at a time"

Losing weight takes place in the head and attitude is everything.

Old habits die hard, but if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same old results.

Moving out of the comfort zone is never easy and we all want to run back when the going gets tough:(

Try and put this slip behind you and move on, you have lost two stone and that is very good and you can lose the rest.

Here is the link to the inspiration thread...

Everyone on this thread as have had days when they felt like throwing in the towel and some did but still managed to pick themself up and keept going again.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Jodie - what Mini says is so true. Even if you do slip, that doesn't mean you've failed utterly and you should just pack in your efforts.

Look at it this way: it's not easy to be fat.

It's really not.

Other people belittle you and presume you're stupid because you're fat.

You can't get clothes that fit you, and even when you do they still look horrible.

The world isn't designed for people your size.

You feel like crap every single day.

Your body is carrying around piles of extra weight - in some cases, it would be like someone with a mid-range BMI of 22 strapping on a rucksack full of sugar bags every day and keeping it on for 24 hours, seven days a week.

It can make you sick.

It can certainly make you miserable.

It effects everything you do in every single aspect of your life.

In fact, living with being fat is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do in your life. It tests you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

When you're tested like that, it's no wonder that every so often it feels like it's all too hard and you give in to the temptation of the comfort that food provides.

But look at it this way - compared to living life as an overweight person, losing that weight to be slimmer could be the easiest thing you could do. After all - all you have to do, is do nothing.

Hungry? Do nothing.

Want to raid the fridge? Do nothing.

Feel like binge eating? Do nothing instead.

Want to go to the shop for chocolate? Don't bother.

It has to be said, there's very little in this world as easy as making an instant black coffee with no milk and no sugar, adding milkshake powder to cold water for an instant meal, or turning on the tap to fill your water bottle.

Me? I'm letting my lazy person take over. I'm doing nothing.


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Slimmer trimmer that is sooooo true....and Im also being a little lazy when hubby and kids are around, I tend yo come on here and post or go in the arcade.....

I must add if I wasnt addicted to this site I would of given in by sure !


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Try writing it all down, you know the pro's and con's of staying on the wagon as it were.

Obviously the pro's is going to be a very long list whereas the cons is going to be a very short one. Stick it to the fridge door so you can see it, have a copy in your bag for when you are out and about. remind yourself all the time that you have the list in yur bag and if you are about to cave, nip in to the loo and read it.

I've recently had a lapse too, and I'm just about back in the swing of things now, but pretty much theres at least 2 weeks wasted for me, thats £132 for nothing for a start, and 2 more weeks before I get to my goal !




Hi Jodie, just logged into your thread. I was where you were last week and if I am totally honest I am still not back on track yet - but I am getting there.

Jodie what I keep telling myself is what I read in the lighterlife book, winners never quit and quitters never win.

It's one day at a time Jodie and if you don't stick to the plan according to how you wanted it. Don't beat yourself up about it - believe me beating yourself up about what you know you should have done and did'nt do, is somewhat painful and exhausting. I SHOULD KNOW.



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What can I add, Jodie? Sonkie, SlimmerTrimmer, Mags, Mini, Skinnyjules and Auj have written from experience - their experience. There is so much wisdom and understanding in these posts.

They are all right.

It sounds like a vicious circle has been created. Eating that meal with your friend has taken you out of ketosis, which has given you back your feelings of hunger, which you want to satisfy. I know from reading other posts that once you start eating, it is more difficult to go back to just packs again. Difficult but not impossible.

How much do you want to succeed? Are you prepared to 'white knuckle' it for a few days, that is, have a few days of extreme discomfort, in order to get back into ketosis.

Are you prepared to write out as many 'thought records' as it takes to take you through the cravings?

What's the worst thing that can happen if you do? Write it down.

What's the worst thing that can happen if you don't? Write it down.