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Is a loser! ;-)
:eek: Just needed to come on here to keep myself occupied. Im on day 7, had my weigh in this morning, as some of you know, lost 12 pounds. Amazing...but all i can think about tonight is eating! I use to go to SW and after my weigh in i used to have a treat...like a takeaway or something fatty! I think the old way of thinking is coming back to haunt me, as now i have been weighed all i wanna do is "treat" myself!!! Ive been ok so far, and just had my shake, and got my water bottle at the side of me...but my mind keeps wandering. just needed some help on how not to think about my after weigh in "treat"!!! grrr im so mad with myself for even contemplating it after only 7 days!!! :break_diet:i dont want to eat, but i do!!! just need occupieing!..OH NO PIE!!!! lol...see!!!!! eeek:cry::cry:
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I was exactly the same whenever I dieted before. This time u have to have a non food treat. Get a facemask, paint your nails or have a nice long bath!
You'll get through it :) x
LOL pie ^^ I still have days where all I can think about is eating and it almost consumes me! I usually go have a bath, watch a film, read a book and drink water, I am naughty though as i'm a social smoker and have noticed I am smoking more since being on LT, so at least I have some vice to fall back on if the want of food gets really bad. Tomorrow will probably be better for you, good luck and well done on 12lb loss thats amazing. x


Is a loser! ;-)
aww, thanks for the support. im just reading through all the posts on here...going to run a bath in a min, and relax upstairs away from the kitchen! I quit smokin 2 years ago....wish i hadnt now!! hehe only kiddin. Looking forward to my mouthwash later..how sad...i just like the fact that its a different flavor!
i know just how you feel I too want to celebrate my loss with food, its the only way I know how,,,,,,im going to have a candlelit bubble bath and think about all the things a smaller me will be able to do, hang in there buddy x


Is a loser! ;-)
Sat here with a hair dye on AND a facemask! if this fails im goin to paint my nails and have an early night! If i cant eat least i will be well groomed! lol
I think my mad hour is starting to pass now, just the rest of the weekend to cope with now!
your not the only one Butterbean, i keep having visions of a chip barm from the chippy over the road. Wouldnt mind but the chippy is rotten lol
Be strong :)
im paintin my toenails....ive put my water in a wine glass with some ice! lol


Is a loser! ;-)
Daisee, do you have pcos? Just looking at your signature. I have them so was just being nosey!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on staying strong and avoiding temptation. The first few weeks can be a bit tough until you get used to the absence of eating!!! You will do it and feel so proud of yourself.
Hang in there!!!

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