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Help! How to make soup!

HI All, sounds really really really silly I know, but I do not know how to make soup! I really need to give myself a boost, so I want to include speed and superspeed foods, but and its a big but, im fairly fussy, the veg I like are...
Marrowfat peas (can stand garden if disguised!)

and thats about it, so would any of you lovely ladies please help me turn the above into a nice soup please? Thank you xxxx
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you could try just throwing them all together with some stock - most of the recipies I use are random depending what's in the fridge. Enough stock to cover (make it with bovril drink for free) and boil them until soft, then puree - if you like thick soup, throw in some baked beans or lentils and they will make it extra filling too.. Try bay leaves, pickled onions (or normal ones) for extra flavour because the soup won't tase oniony it will just give it a bit more flavour. I used to be fussy with veg but I thinK particularly with soup you can disguise a few speedy extras quite easily....

Hope that helps. Hungry now!

Hodgko thank you very much, thats what I was looking for, 'how' to make soup, I thought I had to cook the veg seperately etc, but if I can boil them all up and then blend, easy peasy! I do like baked beans and onions too, so I could throw them in. I think I will have a trial and error day sunday and give it a go! xxx
thanks *honey for the ideas, Im not stuck on those its just how to actually make the soup I get stuck on, I know I know sounds silly but ive never made it! Lol xx


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how i make my broccoli soup for example
chop a onion and 2 cloves of garlic and gently soften in fry light til soft. then i add my cut up broccoli and cover with veg stock to just cover veg, season with salt and pepper and simmer til veg is tender. then add 3-4 LC blue cheese triangles and stir in, the blitz with hand blender or food processor.

Most soup is similar, start by softening onion and garlic, then add what ever veg and stock season and simmer and blitz. and EAT
Thank you *honey, perfect! x


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If you have time, watch cookery programes...... you have to put up with seeing all the yummies being cooked, but you can learn a lot about cooking techniques and making recipes. If you have sky the food channels are great. Also Delia smiths 'How to cook' series is a good one.
I try to watch the programmes, but Im so busy every day and weekend (I work 2 jobs including weekends) so when I get free time im exercising or sleeping, but im trying to fit more in. Im going to give the soup a go tonight now, im not waiting till sunday! lol x
I have been making Leek and Potato Soup ever since I started on SW, it is one of my cheap and easy recipes for a cold day. Over the months I have been making it more and more simple, without any loss of flavour, and this is how it is now:

- 1 large potato, cut into dice (peeled or not, up to you)
- 2-3 leeks, halved lengthways, then sliced
- 1 onion, chopped
- salt and pepper
- stock made either with a Knorr Stockpot, or Knorr Touch of Taste concentrated liquid stock - enough to cover the vegetables and a bit more. I use either the chicken or vegetable versions - they are both free.

I don't bother with frying anything - just shove the whole lot into a saucepan and simmer until cooked.

You can then either leave it as it is, or liquidise all of it until it is smooth and thick, or what I do is liquidise half of it - so it is thick but still has some chunks of leek and potato in it. Up to you.

Then I take a whole nutmeg and a little grater, and grate quite a bit of nutmeg into the soup and stir well. For me, this is what makes it special but obviously if you don't like nutmeg then leave it out. You could also add some milk if you have an A choice going begging!

Once you get the idea of soup-making, you will see that there are lots of variations but the basic method is pretty much the same. I prefer not to use too much liquid - you can always add some more later if it is too thick.

If you pop into your local public library, or charity shop, you will probably find a book which will give you lots of soup ideas.

Good luck with the cooking - and remember that home-made soup is so much nicer and cheaper than anything you can buy!
I made a lovely soup the other day - I got about five red and yellow peppers, a few tomatoes and a few onions, sprayed them all with Fry Light and roasted in a hot oven for half and hour/40 mins. Then I cooked a bit of minced garlic in Fry Light, added the roasted veg, some fresh basil, salt and pepper and a bit of water, cooked a little more and blended. It tasted so good! Sorry for the vague instructions but it's how I cook!


Just doing it this time
I bought a sweet potato for the first time the other week - didn't really know what to do with it because I mainly follow red days :eek:

But I synned it and made a soup with onion and garlic and cauliflower and the sweet potato - blitzed it all in the liquidiser and added a little bit of chilli flakes and salt and pepper - it was lush.

I know that it's not superfree veg but still a NICE soup.

Let us know how you got on making yours.

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