HELP! I am starving!


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I am on TOTM, I really want to eat real food, I have told my other half that I want to stop doing this, I just want a proper meal. I just want a cup of tea, but I cannot stand it black. I am on day 20, I have lost NO WEIGHT in the last 4 days and I am fed up. Is this normal? Could I have a little amount of milk just to take the cravings away? Could I have a meal then start again? I have been eally focused, but the last few days have been killing me. Advice needed! Help!
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Do not give in, your doing so well. Try having a cup of tea with a little bit of vanilla shake added in (dissolve first in water or it'll go lumpy. It takes a few cups to get used to, but I really like it now - I call it my vanilla tea:)

Also if your hungry drink some water!

Really if you cheat you'll find getting back onto SS harder (here speaks the voice of experience:eek: ). If you really can't cope, then I suggest you try having a meal from your add a meal range (in your book, or plain grilled chicken with some lettive or green veg). That way you'll stay in Kitosis.

Good luck!


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Hi Janice

It is very normal not to have lost in the days up to TOTM. Your body will make up for this in the few days. Please keep going through ths. :tear_drop: Water, :tear_drop: water, :tear_drop: water will help you the most. If you get through this and don't give in to temptation I promise you you will feel FAB and so proud of yourself. It will be plain sailing after you have achieved that.:D

A good old girly pamper should work wonders for you. Perhaps you could go and treat yourself today to some new smellies or something.:)

Have a nice weekend, you can you know!;)

Dizzy x
You sound like your having a horrible day!

If you are wanting a cup of tea, have one. Instead of milk, pop a spoon of a vanilla shake in to substitute. It might not taste the same but it's better than not having a brew if thats what you really want.

As for the meal, i would say DON'T DO IT. You could knock yourself out of Ketosis and then have to start the whole process again. Find something to take your mind off things, have a bath, go for a walk, play a computer game, paint yur nails, have some more water and try and avoid the fridge. Once your past TOTM you'll be glad that you stuck to your guns.

Trust me, it happened to me last week! x


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I have tried tea with the valilla in but makes mw want to gag! I am so low and down. I keep wanting to slep. I hope it is just totm and not the shape of things to come x


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Janice, please please please don't give up!!!

I'm so similar to you which is why Ive restarted CD for the 4th time.

I suffer from water retention and on occasions, Ive woken up, after SSing, 10lbs heavier!!! its very very dejecting.

Then during TOTM, id get the cravings and considering id (in my eyes) put on 10lbs and after all my hard work of sticking to it, got no reward, I would give in to my cravings.

Then I would seriously regret it big time!

I started CD on 3rd Jan, then 2 days later it was TOTM and I was devastated at the timing but i got through it, by taking it an hour at a time and now, I'm currently on TOTM and i still get cravings but you know, I'm doing it.

Loopy Amanda told me about putting banana bliss in coffee and tea to colour it and its lovely!
that really helped me.

you really can do it, if you must eat, stick to a little protein.

good luck with it but Ive been where you are several times.

There are sooooo many things that would normally set me off.

I'm a single mum to 5 young daughters and my house is stress city every day, i don't get ANY help whatsoever from their dad (in fact hes not seen them for over a year)so, if i can do it, anyone can really.
its difficult to put into words, its emotional hunger you're experiencing and you will feel sooooooooo proud of yourself when you get through this!

good luck


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Hey Janice

Having just had the TOTM from hell you have my heartfelt sympathy and (((HUGS))). Don't come off - it is SO not worth it honey. Have you tried adding some of a banana tetra in your tea? You may be surprised. Stick with it and the weight will come off xx


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Im on TOTM too, and I find just drinking water helps, and go to sleep when you feel you need to, that way you dont think about food.

If you need to talk, a fellow TOTM is here! :)


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This is like my fourth time re-starting and I am telling you it is not worth taking a bit into anything, as when you have finished eating it you feel so depressed like i should have just stomached it, just drink water or brusg you teeth i find that helps cravings or do some house work but please don't eat anything as you will regret it i am living proof of that, think about what your doing it for.

Good luck


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It is the totm - I never lose the week before. Don't decide to give up on the basis of this week alone.
That said if you are starving - I have been known to have a slice of chicken. Not good and it does impact loss - but it is better than falling off the wagon completely.

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You have hit a plateau it can happen a couple of times in the month for a woman, very commonly around TOTM.

All that is happening is the body is holding onto fluid, fat burn is still is happening. At this time the scales become your enemy but the tape measure your friend.

When the plateau ends you will get a good loss.

Ask your counsellor to explain the plateauing times to you.

Keep going if you eat now you will make it hard on yourself.



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Awww don't give up you have done brilliantly so far.

I know its not the greatest news but the week of my TOTM I didnt lose a pound even though I stuck to CD 100%. Within days of it ending I had lost 6lbs.

My cdc said it will soon go as its water you are retaining not fat and she suggested drinking as much water as I could to flush it away which is what I will try next month.

Keep going you know it will be worth it when you get there :)


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Thank you everyone! Do you know, my CDC see this thread this morning and then phoned me straight away! I cried when I ot off the phone because no one has ever supported me before, and I felt so touched! Everyone on here has been brilliant too! I have been out into the city a got some new shoes to cheer me up!

Now this is the strange thing, my feet have gone from a 5 to 3&1/2:confused: I don't understand why? Well, that did cheer me up and seeing all the comments on here has too! Thank you all so much especially to Icemoose! For noticing I was having a problem x


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Janice hang on in there please dont eat, just think of the wedding and Florida, if you need to sleep go and have one and you may wake up feeling better. You can do it.

Will someone please remind me of this tomorrow when it will also be my worse day for TOTM,