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HELP!!I don't lose anymore


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Hi guys,

I hope someone can help me here,I just my WL has just stopped since saturday!Today is thursday and I am still the same weight even tho I don't pick!I only drink water and peppermint tea and black coffee with nothing in it!
Has anyone of you experienced this?
I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but i can't resist, it usually gives me such a motivational boost!

Do you lose more wight if you drink more water??

PLEASE someone reply!
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Don't panic, if your following the diet properly you will lose weight. I tend to find that the last couple of days before weigh I lose my weight. They say you should be drinking 3 litres of water a day, but I think a lot of people aim for 4 litres. They reckon that the more you drink the more you shrink, but I'm not sure how true that is.

Wait for your proper weigh in on your pharmacy scales as they will definitely give a different reading to yours. I too weigh myself everyday as I too find it motivational, but it can also have the opposite effect, so just take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Stick with it, this diet is great... you'll see :D
Morning Trudi........the first thing people will say is STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALES.......LOL, don't get weighed too often as it can be demoralising (motivating when it shows a loss though ;) ) (PS:I'm one to comment as i get weighed daily, but i struggle when it shows nothing like today :) )

Some days i can see a 1/2 difference each days, sometimes nothing until the day i get weighed, please stop weighing yourself and have faith in the plan

when is your normal WI day?
I drink 4litres a day and that seems to work for me

Some people drink more, i'm sure theyll be along soon

Take care and chin up, it will come off........:) :)


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Dont worry about it, it will all even itself out in the end.
You could be retaining water due to TOTM, there could be so many various reasons, but dont let it get you down, just carry on as normal - it will definitely come off.


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Hey guys, THANK YOU SOOOOO Much for your replies! Such a boost! So happy about this forum! :) I haven't updated my signature and as you can see I shouldn't really complain! I was only drinking around 2 litres pure water and say about a litre of peppermint tea a day so I will aim for 2 litres in work and 2 at home now!

And hey Congrats to all your success! My weigh inn day is every Monday so i will just sit back and relay and not weigh myself until then! Promise :)

Thanks again guys,your Brill!Ha day saved. Will keep you updated on how it went.

Just saw that my signature is still not updated for some reason. lost nearly 2 stone in 3 weeks!

Might be your body is just taking a bit of time to adjust this week....i don't want to say "plateau" but it might be slowing down......wait until monday and then come back and let us know. good luck with today and the weekend :) :)


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I was just going to post something similar. I weigh daily too, and since I started LT I've stayed the same during the week or dropped a little. This week, I've more or less conquered my demons, drank at least 10 pints of water a day, and I'm UP 3lbs this last two days?!?! My totm is due next week, and I usually gain 4-5lbs the week before, but I hadn't while on LT- so I'm freaking out a little? What if I weigh HEAVIER when I'm weighing-in tomorrow?? Theres no WAY the pharmacist will believe I didn't cheat? I'm a bit pi**ed off as I had done really well this week, and I really thought I'd beat my 2lb loss average...not GAIN?!?! Any advice/reassurance?


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HEy Irish mum (hehe I'm an irish mum myself) Another thing I can think of is if you are doing sports now, and build up muscle that it doesn't appear that you r loosing weight even tho u do. that's if u do excersize. And if that is the case it'll take only couple of days/weeks and then u'll drop like mad as the more muscle the more fat u burn.

What you should do is meassure yourself,it is a good alternative to weighing as you prob shrink in size and not in weight.
Don't panic, Irishmum, you will do fine if only you can stop weighing yourself in between your weekly WI. As long as you stick with it 100% you WILL drop loads of weight in the safest, quickest time.


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I did the same last week, and it was only the day before the my WI day that I saw the drop in weight. This week I'm trying to stay off the scales and it is very hard when you've yourself every morning for the years. But you're doing great stricking to the diet and drinking lots of water.


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Fingers crossed eh? I'll post as soon as I get back from my weigh-in in the morning....:hug99::innocent0001:


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Arrgh! :whoopass:

I did this the other day and panicked like mad - got to my weigh in on monday and had lost 7lbs!

Moral of the story - chuck your scales away and dont ever step on em again whilst yer on LT :)
Well said Summergurl....mind you I'll be dusting mine off after the Pharmacy sees me through refeeding.......


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just thinking, you should swap the peppermint tea for green tea! incase the peppermint has hidden sugar?? jus a thought hun!! x x x
keep at it, water water water, you are bound to start losing again :)
Don't do it. Weighing in between is fatal cos your weight will fluctuate through the week and even through the day. It will only bring you down. Wait for your weekly weigh in :copon:


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It's all been said .... I'm looking forward to seeing the happy 'it was all okay' post on Monday ... ;)
lol, me too Jan.

I'm sure you will have lost and try not to get on the scales, or take them too much as gospel :)


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Hey Gals, Yes and you all have been proven right whooping 4 lbs this week.What was I thinking! Anyway thanks for your support! And btw I couldn't resist not weighing myself everyday :) But i just thought "You know what and even if it is only 1 lbs that i would lose within a week, it would be still one pound of FAT, hold that in your hand and then you can be proud of even a pound!



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Great result!!

Of course we wouldn't DREAM of saying we told you so ....... ;):)

So pleased for you xxx

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