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Help ! I have a horrible habit forming.

G: 12st0lb
I have started to put tiny bits of food I really fancy in my mouth for the taste and then (this is disgusting) spit it out without swallowing. Also I dont think I can trust myself with the bars , as I have been taking a nibble every now and then when the hunger pangs are awfull instead of having a whole one and counting it as 1 of the 4 packs a day. I am so disspointed in myself.I havnt actually eaten any food but its not good is it? I am only on week 2 !
Has anyone else ever done this kind of thing or is it just me that is so weak?
X c:cry:
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Hi Heaven can wait,

Please do not do this! Chewing food and then spitting it out is a serious eating disorder, so you really need to nip this in the bud. I can't stress enough how bad this is for you hun, so please try and stop doing this. Isobel posted some information about the condition:

There are no rules for how to eat the bars, and eating it throughout the day instead of all in one go is absolutely fine- many people cut theirs up into pieces and put it into the fridge and have the pieces throughout the day to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Don't worry if you have to have 4 packs a day instead of 3, I often do this as I am normally a snacker and find I have to eat more often.

Have you tried making the jelly? You mix 1 1/2 scoops of mix-a-mousse with a tsp of water falvouring, 400ml very cold water and a drop of red (or orange if using orange flavour) food colouring in the blender. Whiz it all up and pop in the fridge for a few hours. Once you scoop the froth off the top there is really tasty jelly underneath. Although this isn't especially filling, it helps psychologically as you are physically eating something.

Alternatively, if you are really struggling with the diet on sole source, why not try moving up to the 790 calorie option? This way you can have a protein based meal in addition to your three packs, and this may just help you not need to pick at food.

You've done the right thing posting on here, and I'm sure a counsellor will be along who can advise you of more options, but as I say, don't go along the route of spitting food out as this really isn't healthy. Have another pack if you need to, or try having half a pack at a time, so you have something six times a day instead of three.

This diet is very hard, and you've done so well to get to week two!

Hugs, and good luck- keep posting xx
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
You'd have to switch to cambridge if you want a 790 option.

Try to stop what you are doing, as Fiona has said it IS eating disorder type behaviour and not good for you. Also something to do with the way your body works, when you taste food your body gets ready to digest, and insulin levels increase, then you spit it out and all the levels are wrong. It can mess with your losses.

It is a really difficult diet, and you have done well to get to week 2, you are still just getting used to everything. Try really hard to stick to the plan 100% its the best and quickest way to get where you want to be.

Okay....for a start it has nothing to do with being weak. You are trying to cope with your eating habits which have taken years to develop. Try to focus on fluids rather than something to chew on. You need to space your foodpacks out throughout the day so that you are feeling full and have energy. When you are really fighting yourself for something to eat either drink another pint of water, or have a black coffee, tea or something. Do something to keep yourself busy..... ironing , sorting out wardrobe, go for a walk.... anything to take your thinking elsewhere. You are on week 2, you are doing a fantastic job. Remember this is a short term process, the benefit can last you forever. Keep going. You are not weak you are human. Have a little faith in yourself. xxxxxxx


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this has nothing to do with being weak and everything to do with being human!! Unfortunatley just because you are on a VLCD you dont lose that title!!
look at well you have done so far and well done to fessing up to and recognising that you have a little stumbling block to deal with, you always had the option to keep stum but you didn't you asked for help and that's a big thing.

When do these "chewings" happen? Is when you are preparing food for others ? do you feel deprived? if so I would seriously try to have some fizzy water near by, pop a bit of water flavour in it, put it in a pretty glass and pretend it's something lovely just for you!! Also try to suck a pencil, or anything that keeps your mouth occupied whilst near food( ooh err!!!), I have even thought of putting a plaster over my mouth at times to stop the "semiconcious picking".

We have a food dump on here so you could try to list the food s you would like to eat, when and what the circumstances were when you felt the urge and you may see a pattern that you can then avoid , SEE THIS "PROBLEM" AS A chance to learn more about your food issues and be glad that you had the sense to tackle it face on and that you may also be able to help others with a similar problem.
Than you for sharing this with us all and please post on how you are managing to over come this hi-cup, as i have no doubt you will.

Love Heidi xxx


has started again!!
Hi Heaven,

I too posted about about chewing and spitting, but was able to put into practice the advice I received on here. I have not done it since.
It is not a sign of weakness, as said before, we are all human and we got here because our attitude to food was somewhat skewed. Its takes years to reach this level and acknowledge that we need help, thus it is perfectly normal to lapse slightly from time to time. We all have to re-learn our responses to food and that will not happen overnight.

Try not to do the spitting thing. Take the advice given and try diversion tactics. In my earliest days, I had so many bubble baths its not true! Now I tend to leave the room, or really focus on my chatterbox and listen to the voice. Usually its the rebellious child shouting loudest at first but then the parent steps in and finally the adult that I know I can be has her say. It usually works. (Now I sound nuts, with voices in my head.....)

Stick with it, and visit Minis if you need help, because its always here.

Best of luck. xx
Dear Heaven can wait .. love your name ..
I have been on the program for 4 weeks, and yes its tough but you must be strong and not do the whole chewing thing ~ I was having a tough time not chewing anything then someone told me about making crisps !!! well i haven't looked back since.
You must have you full quota of packs and yes the 4+ lts of water a day but the flavouring can help with the water.
It took me to about week 3 to get into some routine ~

I have one choc shake with ice and cold water for breakfast then try and have my 1st lt of water before lunch. Then have a soup in a bowl for luch so its something hot and if you have it in a bowl it makes it feel like your having something to eat "if you know what i mean"
Then the next 2lts of water through the day until tea time then have your bar if you want cut it up it helps.
I then make the crisps for the evening, out of the veg soup for when i'm sitting down in the evening watching tv with my family then have the rest of the water through the evening.
Its taken me a while but once you get the right routine for you you will be ok ~ just remember your doing this for you no one else just you and you must be a strong person to have started the diet in the first place ~ because lets face it, its not for the faint hearted !!!!!! I know you will do well This sight has helped so many people myself included there are so many people who have gone through what your going through let them help you.
Just remember this is your adventure ~ just think of the rainbow at the end of it and how happy you will be.
Take care & i'm wishing you lots of good luck
Luv Pam xx
Hi Heaven can wait...
I forgot to tell you about the crisps
Take 1 Veg or Thai chilli soup mix, mix it with a little water add a few drops of tabasco sauce (all depends how hot and spicy you like them) mix it to a paste (took me 2 attempts to get it right so just keep trying) then get some baking parchment fold in half and put a teaspoon of paste onto the paper and smooth it out into a round shape with the back of the spoon but not to thinly you can get about a dozen all depending how think or thin you spread it then put it in your microwave for about 1min 40sec just keep checking they should resemble crisps leave to cool for a few secs then you can lift them off the paper with a knife or they might just peel off.

I hope their ok ~ one of my friends @ LL also cuts up her toffee bar into slices and microwaves them for about 20 - 30 secs she loves them they make about 20 pieces.

Anyways i hope this helps a little just remember so long as you have just the 4 things a day if you make the crisps and the little cookies from the bar you can eat it throught the day if that helps.
Good luck sweetie luv Pam xx
G: 12st0lb
Thnakyou all so much ,
I felt so disgusted with myself last night, because I knew this was not a healthy thing to be doing. I felt very bad about it because it reminded me so of how I felt when I binged or broke diets in the past and that cheat /guilt vicious circle that made so unhappy in the past and stole any chance I had to tackle my problems with food and my weight.
I realise now because your advice that I do it when I have prepared something lovely for my husband and 22 year son and I feel so deprived and angry becuase I cant have it too. The compulsion to just taste it was so strong and I supposed I thought I could cheat the system and taste it without consuming. Thanks to your advice I now know this is a dangerous thing to do and IT STOPS RIGHT NOW, you have given me the strength to do it and I will.
I am so glad I fessed up, I thought you all just might ignore the post becuase it was so disgusting. I know now because of the fantastic advice and support that you have all given me I will always have somewhere to turn when times are hard.
Thankyou each and everyone of you ..... It means so much to me to know I am not alone.
Love C x


somebody shrink me
Don't feel disgusted hun, just forget about it and carry on as you had been doing- and mighty well I might add with a loss of 8lbs!!

Today is a new day... and I bet it'll be a better day!!!!

And if you feel like eating, get yourself on here to moan, or go in the arcade, that wastes hours!

Good luck x
Don't feel down hearted or beat yourself up over this. You've not failed.

I'm only on Day 4 of he programme and I have alreay started to make crisps. Its the only thing I can do with the chicken soup to make sure I keep it down. They do stop my cravings to chew something and give me something to pick up and 'snack' on, which helps.

Its hard if others in the house hold aren't on a diet, my OH sits troughing nachos etc nearly everynight and I find it hard. I've even cried over it. I now go and have a facial or a bath, read, have some me time.

I do find I'm finding myself a little more already.

You're doing great, stay strong! :)
G: 12st0lb
thanks chuckie for the crisps recipe , made some for lunch with a LL savory drink it was a very tasty lunch. I think this will help me get the water down down as it seemed quite salty after having blander tasting stuff for over week. Certainly get the old taste buds going though and I will def be havin it again whent he urge to chew comes on me next time.
Thanks so very much.
C xxxx
Your welcome "C". I'm so glad you took the time to read the replys their are some very special people on the forum who will always be there for help when you need it most. It is very hard when you have a family that needs "feeding" ! it has taken my husband almost 3 weeks to resign himself to the fact that i am not eating with him... on week 2 i almost gave up the diet because i felt so guilty at how he was feeling.... but after speaking with my councellor i realised that he was the one with the "problem " and not me... just stay strong and true to yourself and you will become strong .. i did struggle for the first week but it does get easier when you get a routine going.. wishing you the best of luck.. just remeber were all here if yoiu need a moan or a chat luv pam xx

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