help...I have hair loss...any advice


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First time on a site like this so if I get it wrong can someone kick me. I've been on CD for 3 months and lost just short of three and a half stone, which is quite cool.
But disaster my hair is falling out and really quickly. Advice so far will but it will eventually slow down and it will grow back really nice. I have really long hair and at this moment in time just feel sick. Has anyone else any ideas or taken any medication to help.
All responses greatly appreciated before I become bald.
Hun, I have asked one of the more experienced mods/counsellors to see if they can help out. Hang fire and someone will be along v soon x
Thanks ann x
My hairdresser friend recommended B1. So, I went to Holland & Barrett and the lady there recommended Bcomplex which is in their £4.99 sale or kelp. I'm giving the B complex a go but i've only been taking it for a week so can't report anything yet. Maybe it would be worth visiting yourself?
Hi Jacquii, hun this has happend to me b4 and i went to my gp and had blood tests and i did have an iron defiecency which should not be happeneing when on Cd as u get all your nutrients.
I was put on Iron tabs and also given a gel to rub in my scalp twice a day to stimulate the folicles to grow.
I was not 2 good with taking the iron tabs but did use the gel religiously for a month and noticed the difference big time by the end of the month,my hair was not falling out and also was growing back thicker.

I did try the pro v thickening shampoo and tried many of the hair thickeneing shampoos but did not find any difference in the thickness of my hair.

You could consult a Tricologist and they will be able to help you and advise u the best products 2 use.

Here is the link to the Tricologist foundation and they will be able to advise u, they have so much info on their website and it could be very helpful to u as it was for me.

The Instiute Of Trichologists

Sorry cant help u with an explanation to why its happeneing but i am sure a expereinced vlcd peep will soon pop by.
Take care xx
Hi Jacquii

I lost about 3 stone 9lb on LL and during the time I was losing the weight never suffered any hair loss but I remember specifically finishing LL just before Christmas 2004 and around the New Year and for about 3 months my hair fell out especially when I was washing it. I've thick long hair and never suffered with this before so I was c**pping myself.

My best friend's a hairdresser and she would keep checking my head to make sure I didn't have any bald spots which I didn't but she did comment that it felt thinner when she was cutting it. I didn't do anything about it at all and it stopped after about 3 months. It's now thicker than ever and my best friend is cursing.... ;)

Try not to worry, I'm sure this is to do with the diet rather than an illness or the like
i too had this problem on cd programme, now i have stopped the diet i have loads of new hair growing, looks like i have a mohican down my parting, good luck with sorting the problem sorry i can't give any advice, but if you find the cure please let me know so i can pass it on, your not on your own anyway!!
hi all

i too have this problem..i am getting more and more worried as its coming out at an alarming rate...i washed my hair in the shower last night and had to unblock the plug now getting to the point where im scared to wash my hair...ive been on CD for a month and prior to that did LL foundation....even my OH comented that my hair is noticeably thinner on top and round my hairline which is worrying me even more..i am just scared tho that if i go the drs he will tell me to stop CD...i still have another stone to go yet but might just have to get that off by healthy eating as i cant face losing anymore hair :(
Do not worry , this is very normal.

when the body is on reduced rations and needs to conserve nutrients for vital organ ( hair isnt vital!!) . the hair will go into a resting stage, it will also not start to grow any new hairs, this is all normal, just as this happend during pregnancy and some illness.

when the body resumes normal levels again , it will start to grow new hairs and these push out the old ones, so dont worry, if you are losing hair it means new is growing in its place.

this may mean you will have thinner hair for a while but hey you have got a thinner body for life!!!, fair swap in my opinion,

i felt like all my usually thick hair was falling out and wouldnt stop but that lasted a few months and now its fine, i have lots of lovely new hair growing and still have a thinner body.
I too have loads of hair loss at the moment and it is as all before have said.. it will grow again. Fortunately I have very thick long hair and am not too worried although my hairdresser too said that there was a lot coming out when she was washing it.

I think it's one of those side-effects that is just that and will pass after we finish the diet. Hope you have been reassured by all the previous posters. x
I had the hair loss as well as I was on SSing for 169 days without a break, but it all grew back perfectly.

I had long hair when I started and I did get it cut short as I had so much new growth.

MandyB2, has long hair down to her waist and has lost hair, but she just left it alone and it is fine.

I cut my hair mainly cos' I wanted a change to go with the new me.

Love Mini xxx
hey thanks

Great to hear from others with the same problem. I know two other people with the same problem they both said ..don't worry it will grow back..but their hair looks awful, they may be thin but they look wierd and I'm not being cruel as I really like them. My GP said come of CD and that it was my own fault, but there again he critised me for being nearly five stone heavier two years ago so I can't win.
After much sole searching and talking to friends, chemists and herbalists I have a concoction of collagen, zinc and activate, I am skint and rattle a little more when I walk but its cool its like having another meal. I keep you posted as to whether it works as its still early days.
fingers crossed.
If it doesn't I might have to get extensions for Christmas but I would far rather something a little more interesting!

I had this problem upon finishing LL and beginnning to eat again, my hair was falling out loads, it got really really thin! most worrying! I mentioned it to my best friend who is a hairdresser (always handy!) she said it was probably just because of the diet and i would be fine, then she coloured it for me one day and said she thought i was exagerrating when i told her about it and so i had a little mooch about on the internet and found some herbal hair growth tablets (which i cant for the life of me remember the name of - will ty and rememebr and re-post) these seemed to help quite a bit though it may have just been natural regrowth! my hair looked back to normal after about 2 months and now much better and easier to handle!

I know how you feel though, we had to get a pet lover hoover because of the amount of hair i was shedding was most depressing!

This was something I have worried about. My hair falls out all the time anyway as it's very thick, but is it bad enough that it makes you look awful? Like balding hair or something?

If it's not too horrendous I can cope with it as it;s gotta be worth the gorgeous new body!

You are a star! I have been trying to think of the name of the pills i took for ages! Nourkin!

Worked for me when i lost my hair! (not all of it but loads!)

Thanks x
A little advice from my CDC

Hi there,

When I first started this diet I was told that hair loss can happen, but it will grow back, I have read several places this has happened and everyone has said that the hair grows back after the diet is complete. I know that it may be months, but just hang on, and buy a funky hat! I do that on a BHD!