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Help....I just cant do it.

Im only on day one, I tried yesterday, but I found the original porridge just horrible. So started again today.

I had a starwberry shake this morning then the chilli soup for lunch. Both were ok, as long as i drank them really quick.

Tonight I tried the cheese and broccoli soup...ewww. I didnt like it one bit.

I have ended up having another cup soup not CD.

I really want to do this, but I cant afford to waste money (single parent) on things im really not going to eat..I feel like I've failed already :cry:

Any advise on the most popular products would be appreciated..Im going to have to see my CDC on monday and try to change most of what I have ie porridge and soups.

Thanks x
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Hi Sunnydays
I started this week and so am trying everything. Like you - I can only drink the soups if I practically down them! But some of the shakes are ok - the strawberry one made me heave (lol!) but the cappucino is nice, especially if you add a bit more coffee. I recommend adding more water than it says on the pack though - stops it being so powdery.
Please don't give up xxx


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Hi, everyone is different in what they like. Unfortunately you hve to try to see which you prefer. Soups I like the tomato only and some people add a little curry powder to it which I am going to try. I have the choc tetras and like the choc mint, choc, strawberry and most shakes really. I am looking forward to trying th mixamouse supposed to be yummy.

Just stick with it and you will find what you like soon :) Good luck x
Hi Sunnydays, I did throw up when I had the chocolate tetra, but I mix it in with black coffee to make a mocha-chocka kind of thing, but as posted above you do need to try some different flavours and you will find something that suits you, I am sure if you ask your councellor he/she will exchange some of the flavours you dont like, oh and the smell of broccoli and cheese makes me urge to.
Crikey Richy - just goes to show how different we all are. I love the choc tetra and am completely addicted to it. Will be stocking up on them when I'm at goal!!!

Never met anyone who didn't like chocolate mint. Experiment with different amounts of water. I normally have either shakes or soup in a pint glass and curry flavouring does help.

I'm not so keen on soups and am just using them up, but the others I have as hot chocolates which I think are lovely and really fill you up.

Ask you CDC if you can try a few. Mine let me sample all tetras and all bars when I first went to see her.


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Hi, I always add cinnamon, mixed spice or nutmeg to my porridge. I went completely off the soups after a few. Love the choc mint ones,usually have them hot. I use a pint of water per shake but I usually split my shakes (don't make it all up and keep some-goes yucky, just use 1/2 pint water and 1/2 pack of shake). The vanilla one is nice hot with a pinch of nutmeg, love the banana and the chocolate one. After 2 weeks you'll get the bars.

hang in there, it's worth it!


The vanilla shake is lovely and palatable - I add coffee to mines
The choc mint is lush
Fruits of the forest is nice
Toffee and walnut
Choc tetras are lovely too, I add some hot water to make a creamy hot chocolate

The broccoli soup though is ming. Ming ming ming

The chicken and mushroom one is quite palatable, although I have to admit I almost always stick to shakes.


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Oh poor you - don't despair, you just have to find a few that you like, everyone is different. I find the soups totally revolting but I love the shakes, tetras and bars...as others have said, the chocolate mint and vanilla shakes are lovely and the vanilla is quite a 'neutral' sort of taste so hopefully you'd like it. Can you call/email your CDC for advice? That might make you feel a bit better and more hopeful. x


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See, I hate fruits of the forest. And chocolate orange - blah :(

Ask 20 people on CD what their favourite flavour is and you'll probably get 20 different answers. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which flavours you like is to try them.

And broccoli and cheese soup? :(:(:(

I'd rather have drunk day old dishwater...
I have a core list that i like. Choc tetras, strawberry, banana, fruits of fores and toffee walnut shakes, leek and potato soup,veg soup and tomato soup. I am not keen on the porridge at all but the apple and cinnimon is stomackable if i add more cinnimon and a little more water than asked for


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Hang in there.. its hard at first.. I tried the soups the first few days and hated them..
Now I just have tetras which I use for work and the sachets I have are strawberry, bananna, chocolate, choc orange, choc mint, fruits of the forest.. they are all so nice .. I add crushed ice and mix with a hand blender and drink from a straw and there so nice.

I love the bars chocolate ones especially and the mix a mousse are to die for ...

Its just trial and error finding something that suits you .. x


Also tastes change on CD, I initially HATED tomato soup, and loved the veg and chilli.

Tonight though I had a weenotion for a tomato soup, and actually really enjoyed it, but the veg one is giving me hefty gag.

Stick in. Honestly
I only have Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate tetras! I do like banana and vanilla but am doing just fine with my chocolate ones :)
Your taste buds do change. Give it time. :hug99:


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I think I must be very lucky. I like most of the CD stuff so my problem isn't that I don't enjoy my meals like some people, it's just that I am still sometimes hungry lol. I hate Cheese and Broccoli and Leek and Potato soup, not keen on Tomato either. Not too keen on Tetra's but can stomach them in an emergency. Like all of the shakes, love mix-a-mousse but never eat the bars, not becasue I don't like them, but found that when I was on CD before it is better for me not to actually chew anything becasue it makes me want to eat. The cranberry ones are the best.


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I've read a lot about people adding curry powder to their soups. What make of curry powder do you use? I don't want to add anything willy nilly and kick myself out of ketosis. Can anyone recommend a brand which is safe to use on CD please?

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I live on the chocolate shakes, porridge and some of the soups. I tried my porridge with half a chocolate shake sachet in it today. It was actually ok. I have to add cinamon to the original porridge to make it edible. The shakes are def better with ice and you just need to doctor the soups with pepper and spices as suggested. I like the leek and potato, spicey tomato and the chillie one but the texture takes time to adjust to. I hate the way the soups go all frothy.

Good luck, I remember last year when I did CD for a very short time, tasting all the different ones....it was vile, i hated most of them but you will find the ones you like and then you get into your routine.

Keep us updated please xxx
I'm not on CD but LL is basically the same packs-wise, and just wanted to add another vote to the "tastes will change" comments - they will.

the first few days are the hardest as the packs DO taste different to "regular" f**d, you just have to perservere with them, after the first week you'll find that you begin to 'forget' what f**ds tasted like and the packs will just become normal to you, you'll even find a few you enjoy!

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That's funny, i was gonna say (as I had a friend who lost 6 st on lighter life) that on the lighter life plan they have a lot less choice of shake flavours....my point is that most of us tend to stick to a few favourites anyway. I do remember hating the toffee and walnut....it was sickly sweet for me, It is funny how we're all so different x


Totally, I got rid of tomato soup last time, returned it to CDC yet yesterday had a wee notion for one and really enjoyed it. I wasn't far off licking the bowl.

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