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HELP! i need to eat!

im in my 6th week and lost 2 stone but i need to eat! well i dont need too but i really want too, im not hungry but i want chinese or a kebab! plus im going on holiday on thurs to cyprus so if i eat tonight will it really make much diffference?
if i do eat what can i eat that wont knock me out of ketosis?!
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nah just lamb meat, neck i think and a few herbs/spices
i used to eat loads of eat while on atkins, even with some cabbage and chilli sauce!


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if ur not hungry, why do u need to eat?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Naughty girl!!!

Although I had a chicken kebab once whilst doing this and it was sooo nice...

Keeley (sorry if used wrong spelling) - just started reading ur blog - its interesting, you sound just like me when I started doing the diet!

Do u have a before and after pic?

unreal83, i dont really have any pics from the beginning of this year.. ie my biggest ever.
but in the gallery look at the one of me and my other half, this was last december 15th prob weighing 13,7+... and there are also photos of me at my smallest at 9,7. i am going to a wedding on sat so ill have pics of me at 10,7.
ill post them asap.
thanks for reading blog btw x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Im definately going to take lots of pictures of myself this weekend before starting my diet, i dont care what i look like - it will make me want to lose weight even more!

Im gonna pose in my brown spotty bikini which i am wearing in my pictures - and see the difference with another picture 4 weeks later!

Im sure that moving in by myself has caused me to put 10lbs on - in 3 months! Bad bad bad...

Love the blog - keep it up!
SSHHHHH Keeley I know you can keep a secret LoL But I have had a lovely chicken kebab with the salad (no bread) and still stayed in ketosis and lost weight. I won't do this often but it is nice to have an occasional treat even if the weight loss isn't huge. I am commited for the long haul so a bit of chicken is what kept me sane that week and stopped me fall off the wagon big style.
hey guys i didnt have a kebab i just went to bed and cried instead! but ive cheated today, ive picked at chicken nuggets and wedges and have some chocolate too :-( oh well im going on holiday 2moro! xxx


Only a few more pounds...
Just saw your blog! Wow,...I wanna be in the 10's like you are now...was wondering if ever along the way you cheated at all? Doesnt matter how little or how small? AM having problems, sometimes I am really good, other times I let myself go a bit. I am 5'0 in height and my start weight was 12st 13.5lbs...and as of Mon 28th April down to 12st 3lbs...so 10.5 lbs loss....but really need help to stop nibbling and a few words of advise. Wish I was in the 10st bracket!!!! Need to lose more for June19th to go Miami! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh am so frustrated with me!!!!

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